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24th-Mar-2009 12:54 am - meep.
You know, I think I'm actually going to start vidding. I know, I know, I've been saying this for a long time. But I have this BSG vid I've been planning on paper for around two years, but I was having trouble figuring out how to make some things connect, and the final few episodes gave me the scenes needed to make it work. I'll have to get another hard drive to store all the scenes needed, and I'll have to figure out how to export the vid and make it pretty (something I have not yet succeeded at in test runs, though I wasn't putting much effort into it), so.

Am looking for a job but it is a confusing business. I don't see how anyone ever gets employed. What nonsense.

OH ALSO, the last episode of Dollhouse did not suck so badly as the previous ones. JOY. It was, however, about 10000000 times more creepy.
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7th-Mar-2009 10:21 am - bsg: islanded in a stream of stars
Sometimes I wonder if I should post about tv shows the same way I post movie reviews. Then I realize that for the shows I really like, my rating would always be A+++++++ and the comments would be *INCOHERENT FLAILING OMG*. Like BSG last night. *flail flail flail* GALACTICAAAAAAAAA.

Battlestar Galactica 4x18(ish?) - Islanded in a Stream of Stars )

ughhhh I am really just posting because I am having the usual vacation freakout. Am mostly packed but I don't want to go anywhere. :-/
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30th-Jan-2009 11:43 pm - bsg

omg!!!! am watching again right now! cannot wait until next week! more later!

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16th-Jan-2009 11:34 pm - battlestar galactica reaction post





5. Well, that was an episode.

Battlestar Galactica 4x13 - Sometimes A Great Notion )

I cannot wait to dl and rewatch.

Aaaaand okay apparently Razor counts as episodes 1 and 2 of season 4, which means this is episode 13, not 11. Whatever.
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16th-Jan-2009 08:29 am - bsg returns tonight!
battlestar battlestar battlestar

so soon omg

*reduced to incoherent flailing*

Today I'm rewatching the first ten episodes of season four with, among other people, someone who has never seen them before. That'll be interesting.

omg yayyyy.
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12th-Jan-2009 04:29 pm - bsg webisodes
haha, oh man, these things are like the only things I am patient enough for atm. Three-minute installments of BSG! Heaven!

Battlestar Galactica Webisodes )
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17th-Jun-2008 01:25 am - how to tote a gun and have fun: a kara thrace fanmix.
I'm very behind on BSG so this definitely doesn't have any spoilers for the fourth season. I'm not even really sure how a fanmix would have spoilers but thought I'd mention it.

It was meant as a throwback to early Starbuck who was all cards and cigars and blowing shit up, but I ended up tracing her character through the first three seasons. This mix has been known at various times to me as "The Starbuck Mix: Dirty Version" and "The Starbuck Mix of Lolitude," because, uh, most of my Starbuck music is loud and dancey. And it's often rap. QUITE SADLY, I wasn't able to fit "Superfly" onto this one because the serious songs kept creeping in, but NEXT TIME.

How To Tote A Gun And Have Fun: A Kara Thrace Fanmix )
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8th-Jun-2008 09:32 pm - somewhat late.
Um so. I realized today that I am about two years behind in updating [ profile] iconzero. I'd better get on that shit. And once I clear these icons out, I'm switching to multifandom posts and just going once two weeks or month or whatever.

Also I want to do an entire post of BSG icons with Wolf Parade lyrics on them. Because Wolf Parade + BSG = OTP!

Also also, I watched Dirty Harry a few nights ago and decided to make icons, only I couldn't find any screencaps, so then I had to watch it AGAIN so I could cap it (which really means I watched it like three more times, lol). And THEN I made icons. Also, Clint Eastwood looks like a weird cross between Hugh Jackman, David Bowie, James Dean, and James Franco (who basically looks just like James Dean). I never noticed this before and it is freaking me out.
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30th-May-2008 12:57 am - she's a showoff.
I've been making icons a lot recently. I suck at text, so for the past week I've been perusing icon journals to see what exactly good text on icons looks like. And you know what? Everyone had better text in 2006. EVERYONE. Weird. Anyway, I've been practicing with text and I've come out with some decent things. I'm showing them off here because it will doubtlessly be ages before I collect enough in these fandoms to feel justified updating [ profile] iconzero (Really I ought to just start making multifandom icon posts... but I like single-fandom ones because it's easier for me to find things!). Concrit is welcomed, especially if you have text suggestions.

These Ocean's 11 icons are the most recent I've made and look exactly like I'd wanted them to. They're so pretty I can barely believe I made them. I want to make a million more for the rest of the movie, all in pretty blues with skinny text. Then there's this [ profile] sg1_lims entry for the "I'm too sexy" challenge. It's another where I look at it and go, "I made that!? ME? Really?" Also, I spent about half an hour drawing and re-drawing squiggly lines.

Just a few more... )

Also I changed my layout to use the Mohinder banner. Usually my layout is 700 px wide but this banner was 800 px... which is just frighteningly wide. There are words all over the place! I get dizzy just looking at it.
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3rd-May-2008 02:41 pm - bsg goes crazy, doctor who in pompeii
I don't really have anything to say about last night's BSG. Maybe when I rewatch it I'll have some thoughts. (Actually, a thought: Anders is hot. Helo is also hot. Watching them try to out-hot each other is awesome.)

I watched Doctor Who last night after BSG, though, and when I went to sleep I had weird dreams involving me and the Doctor. I dunno, the Tardis was tangentially involved, but we weren't having fun wacky adventures through time, we were on a talk show. Holding hands. It was weird.
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18th-Apr-2008 11:35 pm - bsg episodes "six of one" and "the ties that bind"
Six of One and The Ties That Bind )

I also watched the Doctor Who episode that aired before/after BSG. I can't stand the show, but David Tennant is almost unbearably awesome.
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13th-Apr-2008 04:58 pm - drabbles from the automatic drabble generator
by me and Halrloprillalar's Automatic Drabble Generator. what insanity.

BSG - Kara/Lee, implied Kara/Anders - Roleplay on the Galactica )

SGA - John/Rodney - The Greatest McShep Story Ever Told )

I'd also like to take this opportunity to pimp [ profile] sg1_lims, a new community [ profile] hsapien is running because she noticed there wasn't a Stargate SG-1 lims active. There are a lot of awesome iconmakers already signed up, so if you like SG-1 and iconmaking... go join!

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5th-Apr-2008 05:40 pm - bsg 4x01, he that believeth in me (oh seriously, why is this the title?)
So, Battlestar Galactica... )

Also, this episode further confirmed my "BSG = DS9 mk II" theory. I would elaborate on this further except I don't think there's anyone on my f-list who has seen all of both shows, and I don't want to type it all out if it's just going to not make sense to anyone. But seriously.
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30th-Mar-2008 12:24 am - 20+ AWESOME WALLPAPERS!
So I have all these wallpapers that I've made over the past few years and that I was always too lazy to make previews for and post. So the other day I posted them all on my insanejournal, and because I have been too broke to renew my webserving atm I used imageshack to host them. Yes, imageshack, which has AUTOMATIC THUMBNAIL PREVIEWS, which I did not realize until today. So that's pretty sweet. Also pretty sweet? THESE WALLPAPERS. You should check them out. Because they are AWESOME.

(Note: most of these have vast swaths of empty space that can be chopped off/allowed to go off the edge for 4:3 monitors.)


fandoms include bsg, bones, buffy, firefly, harry potter, st: ds9, star wars, supernatural, and attractive actors )

And yet while I put forth the effort to post these here, I am too lazy to actually post them in my icon journal and promote them. Oh well. I'll do that later. It's a multi-stage rollout, I guess.
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23rd-Mar-2008 08:42 pm - icon things.
So, I've been seeing people's icon posts lately and decided I should post some icons to try to get constructive criticism. It would be greatly appreciated since I haven't been participating in icontests/lims lately (my time is taken up by schoolwork!) and thus feel like I'm losing perspective on what might be good/bad about my icons. Also I just wanted to post them somewhere before I get my website back online and have the time to post them at iconzero.

arranged chronologically newest to oldest:

a few more plus a question )
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22nd-Jan-2008 02:38 pm - staaaaaargaaaaaate. and! a question for writers!
So I watched the leaked version of Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth, and it reminded me of how much I love these things:

a) Daniel/Vala.
b) SG-1 10x20 "Unending"
c) That one danvala fic I started writing after watching "Unending" approximately twenty times (ie, the day it aired).

So I went to seek out that danvala fic (creatively titled "Unending fic") so I could read it. And I was reading along being pleased by the characterization when suddenly IT BRANCHED THE FUCK OFF INTO SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LIKE ORIGINAL FICTION NOT EVEN FANFICTION OR STARGATE OR SCIENCE FICTION OF ANY SORT JUST LIKE BAM LIKE SO MUCH FOR DANVALA BITCHES WE'RE TALKING POLITICS NOW AND I WAS LIKE WHAT. And I don't remember exactly where I was going with the danvala fic (other than hot smexing, probably, because danvala has no plot and danvala needs no plot!*) and I am soooooo disappointed in myself.

And that all reminded me of my one great Battlestar Galactica fic (where by "great" I mean "isn't a crossover"), which I have decided to tentatively title "Sometimes You Have to Roll the Hard Six." It's about a group of Sixes that defects to the Galactica. I know what I want to do with it, more or less, but my creative inspiration for it has been flagging.

Which actually brings me to a question. Those of you who finish fic -- and there are those of you on my flist who do -- HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH PLOT? Because that's my real stumbling point. As long as I know where I'm supposed to be going I can get there, but most of the time I come up with several ideas and then am like "oh, we need some kind of conflict here to provide plot. they get attacked? aliens? bombs? SHIT RODNEY NEEDS SOMETHING TO FIX" and then panic, think all my plot ideas are stupid, and write ten-page-long conversations between Bones, Buffy, and Booth (WHO IS REALLY ANGEL, GUYS, I AM SURE OF IT). Which, okay, fun, but utterly useless in terms of advancing the plot. Because there isn't a plot. I read a lot of fucking books and watch a lot of movies, too, so why do I have so much trouble with basic plot ideas? All of my ideas go like this: "and then character X runs into character Y, and they have this humorous or otherwise interesting conversation, then... shit happens, man, hell if I know." Does anyone have any suggestions/advice? I'd really like to stick some plot into my writing** so I could actually finish it.

* )
** )
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21st-Nov-2007 03:55 am - gip + the ladies.
I watched Battlestar Galactica: Razor the other day. Admiral Cain scares me. Despite this, I am madly in love with her. Probably because Michelle Forbes is so awesome. I think there needs to be more M.Forbes on shows I watch.

Since it's tangentially relevant, I am going to list my top ten fictional television/movie girlcrushes:

1. Kira Nerys of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
2. Kara "Starbuck" Thrace of Battlestar Galactica*
3. Princess Leia Organa of Star Wars
4. Veronica Mars of Veronica Mars
5. Winifred Burkle of Angel
6. Mulan of Mulan
7. Sydney Bristow of Alias
8. Lucille Bluth and Lindsay Funke of Arrested Development (I'm cheating here. Oh well.)
9. Laura Roslin of Battlestar Galactica
10. Vala Maldoran of Stargate: SG-1

Hmm. I'm finding it strange that there are only two movies listed in there, but I have noted before that I find it easier to find tv shows with female leads I admire more than movies. There are plenty of likeable female leads in movies, but few that make me leap out of my chair and cheer. Also, I suppose that you could substitute the word "girlcrush" with "role model," but I'm not sure what it says about me that heavy in the ranks are violent, vengeful, drunk, unstable narcissists. Oh well. I suppose most of them save the world on at least a semi-frequent basis, so they've got that going for them.

*Is it a coincidence that Ron Moore, who created new!BSG, also worked on DS9? I THINK NOT. Kara is CLEARLY a Kira knockoff. (The funny thing is that I have a whole theory about how BSG = DS9, and Kara isn't even Kira in it.)
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4th-Aug-2007 03:24 am - twenty feet tall.
Oh, and I FORGOT to say this earlier:

When I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum, one of the things the theater was running in the time before the trailers was a preview for Bionic Woman. Yes, THE TRAILER INCLUDED KATEE SACKHOFF. ON THE BIG SCREEN. I turned to my brother and was all "dude, STARBUCK" and he was all "what" and I was all "YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW!" and it was an enlightening conversation all around.

But anyway. Yeah. I've had the hugest girlcrush on Starbuck and, by extension, Katee, since I watched my very first episode of BSG. So seeing her all huge and stuff was pretty amazing. I wish the theater down the street from my school showed BSG instead of Heroes and Gray's Anatomy. I would probably think I'd died and gone to heaven if that happened.
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29th-Mar-2007 03:38 am - why are crossovers so awesome?
So, uh, I want to do a BSG/SGA crossover, wherein spoilers for season 3 of both series )

So, yes, if I ever figure out some sort of actual plot other than "John Sheppard kills cylons with his MIND*," this will be happening. Feel free to throw out suggestions.

Also, I think it would be hilarious for Starbuck and Teyla to, after an initial rocky start, bond over having their homes destroyed and people displaced. The would be so baffled by each other initially. It would be awesome.

*okay, with the chair, but he operates the chair with his mind, so. And it's not really that this is crappy plot, but you must admit that it's lacking in the details.
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28th-Mar-2007 11:19 pm - baltar's issues
Say, so, is Baltar infertile?

I mean, hang on here, we know that cylons are all about the babymaking, and yet Six and Three both slept with him maaaaaaaany many times without getting pregnant. I mean, maybe cylon disco baseships have condom machines, but I'm kind of betting not.

Possibly everyone else already has theories that account for this and I am just really slow, which is understandable given that all of my theorizing energy goes toward SGA and figuring out when and where Rodney and John have been doing it.
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