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2nd-Dec-2008 03:35 am - omfg so much work.
I have planned my week out and I have so much work I just want to die. Due to some procrastination and sickness over break, I've got to write a paper a day. NICE.

I'll be back on Saturday. If you see me commenting before then, bitchslap me please.

In more OCD news, I have laid out my outfits and pajamas for the week under little pieces of paper for each day, which also chronicle each day's activities. Tomorrow while I'm breaking from work I will plan out both meals and sleeping/showering times. DEATH BY SCHEDULING, YES.

eta: I'll possibly still post in my journal because if I don't write down at least some of my thoughts, they jam up in my head and then have a party.

son of eta: Also, even though I KNOW I can't function properly without both my medications, it's still kind of a blow to take the provigil and be like, "oh, hey, I'm being productive, what is this madness?" Ugh. I need to learn that it's necessary and not just optional. That, to me, is the hardest part of being on medication: accepting that in order to be better, you will have to be dependent on something outside of yourself. uggggh why does life suck so hard sometimes.

moar eta: I'm out of staples omg how will I hold papers together!?!?!?!?

too much eta: Found staples. They are hot pink. TRIUMPH.
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