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7th-Mar-2009 10:21 am - bsg: islanded in a stream of stars
Sometimes I wonder if I should post about tv shows the same way I post movie reviews. Then I realize that for the shows I really like, my rating would always be A+++++++ and the comments would be *INCOHERENT FLAILING OMG*. Like BSG last night. *flail flail flail* GALACTICAAAAAAAAA.

Battlestar Galactica 4x18(ish?) - Islanded in a Stream of Stars

I cried there at the end, ngl. Bob texted me like, "To Galactica, the best ship in the fleet!" and I was all, "So say we all!" and it was hilarious/sad and Robot totally was rolling his eyes and facepalming at us. BUT SERIOUSLY.

Also, I wish Kara had smacked Baltar in the face A LITTLE HARDER.

And I feel like Lee is maybe possibly DROWNING IN EMO MANPAIN, just mostly offscreen to spare us from it. Instead we're getting papadama wallowing in some paint. I know I've commented on lots of people's journals with this, but seriously, since the LAST scene we had involving white paint also involved Leoben coming out of nowhere to get all messy in the paint with Kara, I really was expecting him to just pop out and start grinding on Adama, possibly while talking about how paint gets him hot. SPEAKING OF, aren't the Leobens the 2 part of the 268 faction? Where the hell IS he?

And why does Boomer suck so much? Remember when we thought Boomer was the good guy and Athena was the evil twin? And now we think Athena is the good guy and Boomer is the evil twin? ugh. BUT POOR POOR HELO. SO SAD. SO BEAT UP. SO PRETTY.

I think I'll stop on that note.

ughhhh I am really just posting because I am having the usual vacation freakout. Am mostly packed but I don't want to go anywhere. :-/
jehnt: (bsg - six)
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