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21st-Aug-2008 06:59 am - sadface.

I kind of can't believe they canceled it because I feel like it hasn't reached its full potential yet and that it won't this season (from what I've seen of the plot summaries). And honestly, as much as I love Rodney, I'm sick of the Rodney McKay show. And even a little bit of the John Sheppard Saves The Day show. I mean, they have a whole team of main characters to use, and I really think the show would be improved if they USED them. And had multi-episode story arcs. They SAY this movie thing will give them the opportunity to "tell stories on a bigger canvas" but GUESS WHAT, GUYS, I AM PRETTY SURE SHOWS LIKE BUFFY AND BSG HAVE SHOWN US THAT TV IS A BIGGER CANVAS ACTUALLY. I mean, that's what they said about the SG-1 movies too but both have been just like weirdly paced episodes that dragged on too long and didn't inject the series with anything interesting or new.

I think my feelings on this matter are best expressed through the power of walrus:

That is all.
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17th-Aug-2008 02:44 am - this sga episode is my favorite of the fifth season thus far
Umm for some reason I got all picspammy with this episode reaction post.

SGA 5x05 - Ghost in the Machine )

And sometime during either the seventh or eighth episode of the first season of Supernatural, I switched from being a Dean girl to being a Sam girl. His long lanky legs and stupid wide smile grew on me.

No, seriously, he looks a bit like an anime character. )
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4th-Aug-2008 11:28 pm - sga stuff
SGA 5x03 - Broken Ties )

SGA 5x04 - The Daedalus Variations )

I still miss Weir. Like. I knoooooow I should be over it after a season, but they finally made her as awesome as she always should have been only to cut her from the show? IT WASN'T FAIR.
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30th-May-2008 12:57 am - she's a showoff.
I've been making icons a lot recently. I suck at text, so for the past week I've been perusing icon journals to see what exactly good text on icons looks like. And you know what? Everyone had better text in 2006. EVERYONE. Weird. Anyway, I've been practicing with text and I've come out with some decent things. I'm showing them off here because it will doubtlessly be ages before I collect enough in these fandoms to feel justified updating [ profile] iconzero (Really I ought to just start making multifandom icon posts... but I like single-fandom ones because it's easier for me to find things!). Concrit is welcomed, especially if you have text suggestions.

These Ocean's 11 icons are the most recent I've made and look exactly like I'd wanted them to. They're so pretty I can barely believe I made them. I want to make a million more for the rest of the movie, all in pretty blues with skinny text. Then there's this [ profile] sg1_lims entry for the "I'm too sexy" challenge. It's another where I look at it and go, "I made that!? ME? Really?" Also, I spent about half an hour drawing and re-drawing squiggly lines.

Just a few more... )

Also I changed my layout to use the Mohinder banner. Usually my layout is 700 px wide but this banner was 800 px... which is just frighteningly wide. There are words all over the place! I get dizzy just looking at it.
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27th-May-2008 12:34 am - another exciting post brought to you by the sick and twisted mind of jehnt.
1. I have an icon of Sweets. Sweeeeeeeets! He is my current main character crush. I am SO IN LOVE. I believe Sweets/Jehnt OTP is true facts.

2. You know what I love about SGA fandom? There is fic for like, everything. I mean, you think there's fic for everything in HP. You THINK that. And then you read an SGA/House crossover in which Rodney is like, a (Very Pricey) Mistress of Pain for House*, and you realize that Dobby/Hagrid/Giant Squid has just nothing on SGA fic.

3. Related to #2 -- I want to read an AU SGA fic wherein Rodney has been de-aged or maybe is just younger (you know, all super-pretty and gaunt like in Pin, or w/e that weird incest robot/statue movie was) and is a rentboy, and John comes along and, idk, rents him, or tries to rescue him, or both, or something, and there is slow relationship-building (Rodney is mentally scarred! John feels guilty about liking him so much!) and then hot sex. I've not seen this fic, but I bet it's out there somewhere, just waiting for me to come and read it.

4. Related to #1 -- the Sweets icon was entered at bones_stillness and didn't win, which I rather expected (most people seem to hate Sweets), but inexplicably this icon placed second:

So that was awkward because I had thought that icon was SO TERRIBLE that I was embarrassed to even enter it. Like. It's not well-made. And it's not even funny. There's that huge weird gap before the last word and there's no background and the text is a weird color. I'd wanted to have it say "And then Dr. Zack Addy sang about forensic anthropology," because that would be both funnier and less potentially confusing, but it didn't fit. The whole icon is an example of "good concept, inept execution." I'm not used to having such epic fail with icons I make. So I felt weird that people voted for it because IMO like almost all the other icons were better.

5. I haven't cut my toenails in a long time. I've been holding out because usually I cut them too short and then my toes look weird and fat. But I'm unsure what the proper/most attractive length for toenails even IS. It's a problem.

*I did not make this up. It exists. It is, I believe, actually part of a series.
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13th-Apr-2008 04:58 pm - drabbles from the automatic drabble generator
by me and Halrloprillalar's Automatic Drabble Generator. what insanity.

BSG - Kara/Lee, implied Kara/Anders - Roleplay on the Galactica )

SGA - John/Rodney - The Greatest McShep Story Ever Told )

I'd also like to take this opportunity to pimp [ profile] sg1_lims, a new community [ profile] hsapien is running because she noticed there wasn't a Stargate SG-1 lims active. There are a lot of awesome iconmakers already signed up, so if you like SG-1 and iconmaking... go join!

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26th-Jan-2008 12:00 am - SGA 4x14 Harmony
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22nd-Jan-2008 02:38 pm - staaaaaargaaaaaate. and! a question for writers!
So I watched the leaked version of Stargate SG-1: The Ark of Truth, and it reminded me of how much I love these things:

a) Daniel/Vala.
b) SG-1 10x20 "Unending"
c) That one danvala fic I started writing after watching "Unending" approximately twenty times (ie, the day it aired).

So I went to seek out that danvala fic (creatively titled "Unending fic") so I could read it. And I was reading along being pleased by the characterization when suddenly IT BRANCHED THE FUCK OFF INTO SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT LIKE ORIGINAL FICTION NOT EVEN FANFICTION OR STARGATE OR SCIENCE FICTION OF ANY SORT JUST LIKE BAM LIKE SO MUCH FOR DANVALA BITCHES WE'RE TALKING POLITICS NOW AND I WAS LIKE WHAT. And I don't remember exactly where I was going with the danvala fic (other than hot smexing, probably, because danvala has no plot and danvala needs no plot!*) and I am soooooo disappointed in myself.

And that all reminded me of my one great Battlestar Galactica fic (where by "great" I mean "isn't a crossover"), which I have decided to tentatively title "Sometimes You Have to Roll the Hard Six." It's about a group of Sixes that defects to the Galactica. I know what I want to do with it, more or less, but my creative inspiration for it has been flagging.

Which actually brings me to a question. Those of you who finish fic -- and there are those of you on my flist who do -- HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH PLOT? Because that's my real stumbling point. As long as I know where I'm supposed to be going I can get there, but most of the time I come up with several ideas and then am like "oh, we need some kind of conflict here to provide plot. they get attacked? aliens? bombs? SHIT RODNEY NEEDS SOMETHING TO FIX" and then panic, think all my plot ideas are stupid, and write ten-page-long conversations between Bones, Buffy, and Booth (WHO IS REALLY ANGEL, GUYS, I AM SURE OF IT). Which, okay, fun, but utterly useless in terms of advancing the plot. Because there isn't a plot. I read a lot of fucking books and watch a lot of movies, too, so why do I have so much trouble with basic plot ideas? All of my ideas go like this: "and then character X runs into character Y, and they have this humorous or otherwise interesting conversation, then... shit happens, man, hell if I know." Does anyone have any suggestions/advice? I'd really like to stick some plot into my writing** so I could actually finish it.

* )
** )
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20th-Jan-2008 03:26 am - change of scenery + sga 4x13
I changed my layout image again. This time it's Teyla from SGA. I've had this image sitting around on my computer for probably over a year, and it took me until now to decide to use it.

I had a long review of SGA 4x13 "Quarantine" written up but my computer crashed (!!! which it basically never does!) and I LOST it. At any rate, I'm CRAZY about "Quarantine" so I may write up something later, but for now, some non-spoilery thoughts:

2. Teyla has the sexiest maternity wear in two galaxies.
3. John Sheppard is such a geek. You know he was a nerd in high school and wore superthick glasses and stuttered and got all sweaty when he talked to girls.
4. It's so weird because where I used to watch SGA and see all the things I thought the writers meant to happen that so didn't for unknown reasons, now I watch it and go "oh my god, I think we just had intentional character development/humor/continuity there!" and think about patting the writers on their fuzzy heads for getting something right. They're improving! I'm so proud of their efforts.
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13th-Jan-2008 04:49 pm - the latest sga episodes...
Thoughts on SGA 4x11 and 4x12 )
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28th-May-2007 03:09 pm - things of note
1. Thanks to the Dean/Lorne fic, my word processor now tries to auto-insert "Winchester" whenever I write anything beginning with wi-. Fandom for the winchester!

2. Hilariously, while looking at my site stats I found that people were being referred to my site through searching for "dimensions for an average bathroom" and similar things. Thanks, google, for putting my "how I build sims houses" page in the top ten search results for this. I could never have done it without you.

3. While looking at my site stats, I had an amazing revelation. People other than me actually look at the very limited pages on my website. Who knew!? Certainly not I. Anyway, this has made me put a higher priority on revamping my site so that my pages include actual content.

4. Obligatory Fanlib opinion: Fanlib can suck it. [ profile] fanarchive ftw!
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27th-May-2007 02:04 pm - icontests
My icon for [ profile] lantis_lims this week:

Three icons got voted out this week. My icon was the fourth-worst. Not gonna lie: I was disappointed. I love this icon. It wasn't supposed to look anything like this -- the background was supposed to be vibrant turquoise and it was supposed to have a pop art feel -- but somewhere along the way my muses were like "oh, yes, that's all well and good, but what's actually supposed to happen here is that the beautiful Rachel is supposed to emerge, glowing, from this wacky hot pink floral fog." It was difficult for me to achieve that look (trying to get her hair to fade into the background properly = a bitch), but I was overwhelmingly satisfied with the end result. I think that my complete adoration of this icon is what made it so shocking to get so many negative votes.

However, a strike in my favor: what all the critics disliked about the icon was exactly what I liked about it, so I know it looks like how I meant it to. This is comforting in a strange way.

I also really like the icons I entered at [ profile] super_icontest last week, and I can't wait for the results from voting to go up so that I can FINALLY HAVE SUPERNATURAL ICONS.
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29th-Mar-2007 03:38 am - why are crossovers so awesome?
So, uh, I want to do a BSG/SGA crossover, wherein spoilers for season 3 of both series )

So, yes, if I ever figure out some sort of actual plot other than "John Sheppard kills cylons with his MIND*," this will be happening. Feel free to throw out suggestions.

Also, I think it would be hilarious for Starbuck and Teyla to, after an initial rocky start, bond over having their homes destroyed and people displaced. The would be so baffled by each other initially. It would be awesome.

*okay, with the chair, but he operates the chair with his mind, so. And it's not really that this is crappy plot, but you must admit that it's lacking in the details.
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5th-Mar-2007 09:52 pm - all i've done all day is make lists, so here's another
1. My fandom aspiration is to be [ profile] helenish, who is lord and protector of all things funny.

2. I've been reading a number of posts about ballot-stuffing in fandom challenges. Look, guys, I don't get it. When you win because you voted for yourself, isn't that just stupid? What do you get? A banner? Great, hurrah, rejoice. And internet prestige? Well, I'm pretty sure that the people who didn't vote for you can still tell your work is crap, banner or no. And the banner isn't going to impress anyone -- its sole purpose is to make you feel good, and it can't do that very effectively if you got it because you like you and not because other people like you. *sigh*

3. I still haven't seen SGA 3x20. What is WRONG with me?

4. Ronon Dex = awesome. I wish there was more Rodney/Ronon fic. HILARIOUS Rodney/Ronon fic. Unfortunately I think it's just plain easier to write Rodney/John. Damn.
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26th-Feb-2007 05:21 am - on the het ships
This icon almost makes me want to ship Shep/Weir. ALMOST. Unfortunately for it, elizelenka, weirdex, and lizzorne are all far greater ships than this so-called "sparky."

PS - I don't know that anyone else actually uses elizelenka, weirdex, and lizzorne* as ship names, BUT EVERYONE TOTALLY SHOULD.
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21st-Dec-2006 05:50 pm - the triumphant return?
LIVEJOURNAL. Oh, how I have missed thee!

I was going to write a longer post, but upon watching SGA's "The Game" I realized my feelings could be summed up in one line:

Fuck, Lorne is hot.

(Also, the new HP title is kind of lame. It just doesn't have that 'ring' to it, you know?)
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2nd-Oct-2006 08:11 am - bsg season premiere is friday!
So, in fandom news, I have scraped together enough free time to watch the latest two episodes of SGA and all the BSG webisodes. I'm very excited for the BSG season premiere on Friday. Super-excited. CANNOT WAIT. I have no idea what's going to happen, even though I've watched ALL the previews. Starbuck -- what is going to happen to Starbuck? THERE'S A SMALL CHILD INVOLVED, omfg. Just, insane, man, INSAAAAAANE.

I also have this really awesome Starbuck wallpaper I made that I need to post, but first I need to make it in some resolutions OTHER than fiftybillionX900 or whatever my laptop's resolution is. And probably find text other than that nickelback song to put on it. Ohgodohgod.
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9th-Sep-2006 03:55 pm - the basis of every future sga/sw crossover
So, you know what I realized?

Just, damn.
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3rd-Sep-2006 01:43 am - the post of penguins

2. That SGA fic where John and Rodney are turned into penguins. I've never read it. Link?
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17th-Jul-2006 02:12 pm - it's good to be back
So, a few nights ago I had a Draco/Goyle dream. It was quite disturbing. This is all [ profile] scoradh's fault, I assure you.

And now on to the urgent SGA questions:

1. If some of the senior crew were going on leave to Earth, do you think they'd use the Stargate or go on the Daedalus? The Stargate would be faster but would use the ZPM. The Daedalus would take for freaking ever, meaning they'd be gone probably three or four months at the least.

2. Say, why do radio transmissions go both ways through the gate? Like, we know matter travels in discrete units from the origin to the destination (and never from the destination to the origin) but why are radio waves different? I mean, we know that other waves (such as sound and, more importantly, light [which is also electromagnetic radiation, but with a higher frequency than that of radio waves]) don't travel through the gate in either direction so WHY THE HELL do radio waves get through? And then go both ways? I mean, I recognize that it's for PLOT PURPOSES, but a more scientific explanation would be nice. You don't have to be right, or anything, but any theories would be appreciated.
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