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1st-Sep-2008 12:02 am - oh, random things, you know, i'm trying not to spam your flist with eighty posts a day
1. So one of the many fannish things I've been kind of working on recently is VIDDING. Learning to vid. Whatever. There is one specific vid I'm trying to work on right now because I have a pretty decent idea and know which clips I'd use and roughly where and so on... but it is the ONE THING I cannot find a song for. I was listening to Talking Heads' "Memories Can't Wait" and the sound of it is perfect but the lyrics are all wrong! I could always just switch back to the Dirty Harry vid idea, but I kind of like the idea of my first vid being something people other than me might watch.


3. I had a three. I think maybe I lost it. (ETA: Upon contemplation, #3 probably had to do with Narnia fic. You're better off without reading it, I imagine.)

4. While writing this post/browsing font sites, I listened to two Talking Heads albums in search of a song like "Memories Can't Wait" but more appropriate lyrics. And DAMN. I am not really all that into Little Creatures at all, and in my itunes the poor album is sandwiched between Fear of Music and More Songs About Buildings and Food which are my faves. The poor thing really gets no love there.

5. Last night I made fanart for some of [ profile] musesfool's SPN girl!Sam AU fics. You can find it here at [ profile] iconzero or see it at her journal!
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