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15th-Aug-2008 02:37 pm - icons and supernatural.
lol I updated [ profile] iconzero with fantasy film icons (Narnia, lotr, Penelope) and somehow left the Harry Potter icons out.


I can't believe I forgot those especially since I was seriously trying to clear out backlog and posted some icons I made in 2005. It's kind of hilarious. One of them is TOTALLY GREEN.

Also, I started watching the first season of Supernatural (the only episode I'd seen from this season until last night was the pilot) and right after I started watching a thunderstorm started. I'm easily freaked out by scary movies/tv shows, and at night with the thunderstorm was like THE WORST. My mom couldn't sleep so she watched some episodes with me and she was SO ENTERTAINED by Dean. Seriously, any time he started talking, she would just LAUGH LIKE CRAZY. It was pretty funny.

Also I watched the episode with Amy Acker, which confirmed once again that I'm omfg so in love with her. She looks so pointy! My dream tv show would involve Amy Acker and Katee Sackhoff looking fierce, being geekysmart, and beating the crap out of people, with random hot male guest stars wandering around shirtless. It would be good times. Now the episode I'm watching has whoever it is who played Laura Cadman on SGA as an airline attendant. Cadman! So awesome!
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