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7th-Mar-2009 09:09 am - haha, why do i watch such terrible tv?
Amazon released a "Kindle for iPhone" application and so nowwww I have Kindle books on my phone, yayyyy. Right in time for my vacation (which is a road trip to the Grand Canyon, and other places of interest along the way, and which will involve a lot of sitting around in the car needing something to do).

For some reason (curiosity?) I watched the first several episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. God this show is crappy. I think the best summary I can think of is that the one-minute "previously on" things can completely and entirely accurately sum up the previous episodes without leaving anything important out. Never a very good sign. And I don't know if the characterization becomes more complex later, but right now the demonization and punishment of the sexually active unmarried females on the show is just... ick. The only truly likeable character is the guidance counselor. I'm going to watch a few more episodes, partially because I want to see if it improves and partially out of a fascination with the trashiness, but I don't have high hopes.

Also at the bookstore I got The Dark Knight and Prince Caspian on DVD, and then one of those Garth Nix books with the pretty covers. I was excited about this.

and ughhh I get pre-trip anxiety so badly. I've been so anxious about going on vacation that I have barely been able to eat or sleep for the past few days.
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31st-Jan-2009 09:05 am - my top five iphone applications
I know a lot of you have iphones/ipod touches, so I decided that I would put my application whorage to good use and list out my favorites, in case there's anything here you haven't heard of that catches your interest. They're in no particular order, really.

Air Sharing, $4.99
(link to itunes)

This is basically just a document reader. It's pretty fucking sweet though and reads basically every type of document I would ever need to put in it. The one negative is that it hangs if you've already got a huge file open and are trying to switch from landscape to portrait. But if you're like me and feel the need to tote around several ebooks, multiple policy reports, and school reading assignments, it's a must-have.

Classics, $4.99
(link to itunes)

Okay, so, yes, all the books available on it are no longer under copyright, so you COULD just download them from Project Gutenberg and pop them in Air Sharing, but you'd lose out on the pretty pretty interface, complete with page flipping animations and little page flipping noises! But I guess it's really only worth it if they're books you read/re-read anyway. BUT I LOVE IT A LOT.

WordFlow, $0.99 (free version also available)
(link to itunes)

ZOMG MY FAVORITE IPHONE GAME. I love the look of it and the little KACHING sounds. The idea of this game is that you have a grid of letters and you have to slide them around to make words. The challenge is that you have to THINK of words to make and then rapidly slide all the letters around to fit. The free version just has the one-minute mode of the game while the pay one has one, three, and ten. I am sooooooo addicted to this game.

TanZen, $0.99 (free version also available)
(link to itunes)

It's basically just a tanagram thing. Well-designed, very pretty, with intuitive controls. I love tanagrams a lot so I think it's pretty rad.

Shopper, $1.99
(link to itunes)

HAHAHAHA GROCERY-LIST APPLICATION. I picked it over all the others because I can customize the categories to sort by aisle and because it has a pretty icon. It's easy enough to use that I could figure it out, and checking off the little boxes is quite satisfying. And if you add the price of the groceries to the thing, you can see how much you'll be spending. Nifty!
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