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29th-Nov-2008 02:18 am - why do i even think thoughts
Random thought: In Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy, why does no one have a daemon that is something unwieldy like an elephant or even a horse or rhinoceros? I just imagine some tiny person with an elephant daemon, trying to walk into buildings and down alleyways WITH THIS HUGE ELEPHANT. And it is hilarious. OR, why don't they have daemons that are water animals? Like, what if somebody's daemon was a dolphin? Would that person always have to live on a boat? THESE QUESTIONS NEED ANSWERING.
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21st-Aug-2008 10:02 pm - i bought some books!
I went to Half Price books and scored some pretty cool stuff.

Here's the list. )

I always mean to read more but in the past few years I've really soured to published fiction. It just... most of the authors I like, I already own everything by, and most of the new-to-me stuff I try out bores me to tears or has typos or is awkwardly constructed or ends up having nothing to say, and I'd rather just go read fanfic since there's still tons of stuff I haven't read that I know will be good. And I love fiction way, WAY more than nonfiction, but for the past two years I have read so much more of the latter. I'm hoping that if I post about the books I read in my journal, it'll encourage me to read more. I also like it when other people post about the books they've read because I'm always looking for recs/warnings. I find [ profile] scoradh's rambly reviews especially entertaining.

With that said, Books I mean to read rather soon. )

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