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6th-Jun-2008 05:02 pm - miscellany
Because the world is AWESOME, I am not the only person who lists "Captain Jack/Captain Jack" as an interest. Thank you, world, for being at least awesome enough to recognize this PotC/Torchwood crossover NEEDS to happen (for this, we can forgive you for not being awesome enough to recognize the necessity of DIE HARD/Bourne Identity crossovers).

Also, this week I got mod's choice at both [ profile] sg1_lims and [ profile] lantis_lims. Normally I don't comment on things like this but there were MANY awesome icons they had to pick from and I know all the mods are people of excellent taste, so I was pleased.

These were my icons:

I think the J on the second one looks kind of silly. I wasn't ever able to find the right font.
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22nd-May-2008 04:23 pm - science: you're doing it wrong.
So, having watched yet ANOTHER show in which the undead can't give CPR because they don't breathe... I have to ask this: IF THEY CANNOT BREATHE, HOW CAN THEY SPEAK?

Really. I want to know.
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19th-May-2008 03:44 pm - more torchwood.
So, now I've finished the third episode of season 2 of Torchwood and uh, Ianto became funny? Hilarious? Joke-a-minute Jones, we're calling him now.

Also, Owen is now apparently BORING and NOT A JACKASS. And also obviously in love with Tosh. I assume this happened in the several months we didn't see, as he realized the fulfillment he had felt with Diane could be felt with someone else... someone closer... someone Asianer. There's a story here, I can feel it.

And I now have a Torchwood icon. *points proudly* It's Jack looking a bit ridiculous as he, I don't know, strides in a manly (although slightly swishy) fashion toward his doom. Really, the way Jack does everything can be summed up by the phrase "manly, although slightly swishy." It makes me want to make an icon that says "Jack Harkness: Hetero Hero" on it, because Jack is constantly running around being So Very Manly and very nearly putting John McClane to shame (although of course not actually, because we all know it's only Jason Bourne who could possibly do that) and then... making out with dudes. Well, I actually already made that icon but I feel like it would be tasteless and flippant to use it. And it's weird that that's holding me back, because "tasteless" and "flippant" are probably the words people would most frequently use to describe me if they weren't so overwhelmed by my appearance that the only things they could think of were "tiny" and "pale." Huh.
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15th-May-2008 04:42 am - man i hate people sometimes.
Oh god, as a result of my obsessive hetshipping in shows where I'm only sort of in a fandom, I am exposed to a lot of really laughable shit when I go look for fic having to do with what I like.

Cases in point:

Torchwood - Gwen/Jack. Does ANYTHING good exist for this ship? If so, I've never seen it. (And guys, shut up. I know you ALL ship Jack/Ianto... but I just don't feel it! I don't! Ianto is adorable, as is Jack, but I GET NO SHIPPY VIBES. Of course, I am also just now starting Season 2, so maybe that will change. BUT AS IT STANDS, Gwen/Jack ftw. Or Jack/Tosh. JESUS CHRIST WITH THE HETSHIPPING ALREADY, I KNOW.)

Heroes - Peter/Claire. Because it brings the cut so I don't spoil fungus_files ) shippers to the yard, it doesn't suck as much as it COULD, but there is still a lot of teenage angsty stuff. I swear, like half the stuff I've seen has Peter and/or Claire cutting themselves because they are LIEK SO TOTALLY DEPRESSED OMG and then, you know, healing. And I'm like WHAT THE FRAK MAN WHERE DO YOU EVEN GET YOUR IDEAS?!?

Bones - Booth/Brennan. Bones, being an episodic non-scifi show, gets a lot of pretty lame fans. Lame fans who can make decent graphics, but NOTHING ELSE. I've read two B/B fics that I enjoyed, and one of those I mainly enjoyed only because it generally had correct spelling and punctuation and a notable lack of babies. (My other Bones ships are Angela/Hodgins and Angela/Brennan. Also Sweets/Jehnt, though this is of course not a REAL ship, since I'm not on the show.)
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