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30th-May-2008 03:32 am - harry potter and the spacebrooms of doom.
While I was reorganizing my tags, I realized that I make a LOT of private posts that I mean to make public but then forget about. So I'm going to repost those that I was entertained by so that you can, you know, have the benefit of my genius, etc.

This one is from 2006 May 24, just over two years ago.


So, I was trying to figure out why, though I love HP, I always feel slightly disappointed by it. Eventually I stumbled upon the reason, which I quickly realized should have been obvious.

Harry Potter does not have spaceships.

Yes, all our Potterian characters are sadly Earthbound. No hyperdrives, no warp engines, no faster-than-light travel. It's quite disappointing. Fortunately, my imagination was able to leap in and save the day.

Presenting Jehnt in Harry Potter Lord Voldemort and the SPACEBROOMS OF DOOOOOOM...

don't talk to me about brooms )
jehnt: (hp - house pride)
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