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10th-Aug-2008 07:46 pm - stargate sg-1.
Guys, I am trying to watch the first season of Stargate SG-1 and it. is. so. boring. I cannot believe that people watched this show before Claudia Black was on it. I am ten episodes in and about to die from the dullness.

eta: Now I want to edit the "needs more Claudia Black" tag into EVERY SINGLE POST except the Claudia/Lena picspam. Because it's SO TRUE. Everything could be improved with more Claudia Black.
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14th-Jul-2008 05:27 pm - likely to go after anything that appears to be intelligent life.
I just got this message on myspace:

"So I was looking up a friend in Texas and I ran across the picture of a really good looking star wars geek. I'm so confused. I hope your boyfriend appreciates how awesome you are."

ahahahhaha wtf myspace.

Also, I hereby resolve that if I make it through this week at [ profile] lantis_lims, I will make all my icons at least two days in advance of the deadline and will try at least three different variations. Because I think my entries for the past few weeks have had no spirit at all, which I guess reflects my greater mood but still sucks, especially because I had a bit of a good run before that. And since my voting reasons tend to be abstract shit like "This icon has not the spark of life!" etc, it makes me feel especially bad for submitting dead ones.

But anyway. I revamped my userinfo to reflect some of my newer interests, like my sudden desire to see Claudia Black/Lena Headey. Not like RPS, mind you. I want this shit ON MY TELEVISION. Hottest thing ever, Y/Y? Picspam to go with this, for those who need some visuals. )
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