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30th-May-2008 12:57 am - she's a showoff.
I've been making icons a lot recently. I suck at text, so for the past week I've been perusing icon journals to see what exactly good text on icons looks like. And you know what? Everyone had better text in 2006. EVERYONE. Weird. Anyway, I've been practicing with text and I've come out with some decent things. I'm showing them off here because it will doubtlessly be ages before I collect enough in these fandoms to feel justified updating [ profile] iconzero (Really I ought to just start making multifandom icon posts... but I like single-fandom ones because it's easier for me to find things!). Concrit is welcomed, especially if you have text suggestions.

These Ocean's 11 icons are the most recent I've made and look exactly like I'd wanted them to. They're so pretty I can barely believe I made them. I want to make a million more for the rest of the movie, all in pretty blues with skinny text. Then there's this [ profile] sg1_lims entry for the "I'm too sexy" challenge. It's another where I look at it and go, "I made that!? ME? Really?" Also, I spent about half an hour drawing and re-drawing squiggly lines.

Just a few more... )

Also I changed my layout to use the Mohinder banner. Usually my layout is 700 px wide but this banner was 800 px... which is just frighteningly wide. There are words all over the place! I get dizzy just looking at it.
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