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17th-Jun-2008 01:25 am - how to tote a gun and have fun: a kara thrace fanmix.
I'm very behind on BSG so this definitely doesn't have any spoilers for the fourth season. I'm not even really sure how a fanmix would have spoilers but thought I'd mention it.

It was meant as a throwback to early Starbuck who was all cards and cigars and blowing shit up, but I ended up tracing her character through the first three seasons. This mix has been known at various times to me as "The Starbuck Mix: Dirty Version" and "The Starbuck Mix of Lolitude," because, uh, most of my Starbuck music is loud and dancey. And it's often rap. QUITE SADLY, I wasn't able to fit "Superfly" onto this one because the serious songs kept creeping in, but NEXT TIME.

How To Tote A Gun And Have Fun: A Kara Thrace Fanmix )
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9th-Dec-2007 07:42 pm - sad like fire and smoke: a supernatural fanmix
I've had this Supernatural fanmix sitting around for a long time, waiting for me to do something with it. Since I'm currently procrastinating like a mofo, I thought now would be the perfect time to release it into the wild.

If you want to know my thinky thoughts on it, it's about Dean and Sam and how Dean tries to protect Sam from being hurt and how he fails at this, partially because they both realize the importance of what they do, you know, saving people, hunting things, etc., and that comes before themselves. Except, you know, Dean fails at that as well. It's also about how they, uh, literally face their demons all the time, and have to fight against impossible odds, and are really fucking depressed even though they don't always look it.

Sad Like Fire and Smoke: A Supernatural Fanmix )
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