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1st-Dec-2008 05:06 pm - hot hilarity.
1. I finally moved my bed into my apartment. No more sleeping on the couch, yay!

2. Last night I had a dream where Barack Obama was working as a barista at Starbucks for some reason (like while he was campaigning? idk, it was dream logic) and I ordered some drink that wasn't on the menu and he was all, "Oh, well, let me see if we can figure out how to make that for you," and went and puttered around with chocolate for a minute, then came back with this huge grin and was like, "Can we make that drink for you? YES WE CAN!" Basically, the whole dream was a series of hilarious random encounters with Obama. Things such as: Jehnt helps Obama operate a vending machine! Jehnt stops an unleashed dog from running out the door at the Petsmart only to find out it is BARACK OBAMA'S DOG. etc.

3. While I was sick this weekend I watched the UK Queer as Folk. It was, how shall I say this, AidanGillentastic. IF THAT IS AN ADJECTIVE, AND I SAY IT IS. I've been meaning to watch it for ages and ages because I am omfgSOINLOVE with Aidan Gillen, and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I also mean to watch the US QaF but, like, I know I don't find Gale Harold as hot as Aidan Gillen, and I'm afraid this may impede my enjoyment. Also, Stuart Alan Jones = the gay Logan Echolls, amirite?
jehnt: (james mcavoy - love in an elevator)
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