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6th-Nov-2006 05:13 am - it rained for hours today
So, of course, the other day when I've finished all my work and had enough projected free time to catch up on the flist ... lj was down. *le sigh*

So instead I watched Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. I have very limited knowledge of the FF fandom, stemming mainly from a friend's game guides and [ profile] imadra_blue's occasional posts. Despite my insane lack of knowledge about FF7, I liked the movie. I thought the plot was somewhat incoherent and that it was quite obvious the movie had been made by game designers (a number of expositional scenes were really just horrifying plot-dumps), but I liked the action scenes and it was SO PRETTY. Fantastically, amazingly pretty. The CG characters did move kind of strangely but they were thrillingly detailed. I really like Reno. I don't even know, guys, he just has crazy hair. Vincent Valentine also wins points for having a) a cool name, b) omg aaah wtf hair, and c) that whole tall, dark, silent thing. And I liked Cloud a lot more than I expected to. I mean, okay, I recognize that in many respects Advent Children is an inferior movie, but that doesn't stop me from being madly in love with it.

And man, BSG is just. so. good. I don't have anything specific to say about the last few episodes (except this: EXODUS PART TWO OWNS MY SOUL), but I can't wait until the next one.
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