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5th-Jul-2008 02:44 pm - shallow post is made of shallow.
So, uh. Up until a few months ago I always thought those jokes about British people having bad teeth were just, well, jokes. Then I started watching Doctor Who and happened to see, at around the same time, several British movies/miniseries.

Wow. Total dental fail on all counts.

How these people can be so beautiful and yet not bother to fix their teeth is beyond me. I thought nearly everyone had straight white teeth these days. Almost everyone I personally know does. And these people on these tv shows are ACTORS, whose living somewhat depends upon them looking good. I swear, though, every time anyone on DW opens their mouth I start gawking at their teeth, especially the lower set. It's like the dark ages or something. They really should just hire a show orthodontist to straighten that shit out.

Also David Tennant's nose is crooked and he has a wonky eye.

But it's okay. I still heart him. And think he's totally hot, despite his weird physical awkwardness.
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3rd-May-2008 02:41 pm - bsg goes crazy, doctor who in pompeii
I don't really have anything to say about last night's BSG. Maybe when I rewatch it I'll have some thoughts. (Actually, a thought: Anders is hot. Helo is also hot. Watching them try to out-hot each other is awesome.)

I watched Doctor Who last night after BSG, though, and when I went to sleep I had weird dreams involving me and the Doctor. I dunno, the Tardis was tangentially involved, but we weren't having fun wacky adventures through time, we were on a talk show. Holding hands. It was weird.
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