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13th-Jan-2009 11:30 am - that's a space station.
1. I downloaded a Wall-E ringtone for my phone and it is sooooo fun to hear such a little happy song play whenever anyone calls!

2. MERLIN. WHAT. The flist has been going crazy over it in the past couple of weeks, so I decided to check it out. At first all I thought was that Merlin and Arthur weren't very attractive and had stupid haircuts. I didn't want to watch a show where the people had stupid haircuts! But by the end of the first episode, omgggggg. Arthur and Merlin are just too hilarious together! I was flailing and squeeing through all their shared scenes. So I suppose I'll be watching the rest of the show during (what I hope are) these last few days of being sick (I HOPE LAST FEW).

3. Robot wants to celebrate our two-month anniversary. Is this a normal thing? I've never had anyone want to celebrate an anniversary before. At first I thought it was SUPER WEIRD but then on Gossip Girl Nate skipped Blair's brunch for Chuck in order to celebrate his two-month anniversary with Vanessa, and I KNOW I shouldn't be taking my social cues from that show, but umm, it made it not so "OMG WHAT" for me. I mean, had he not told me about it, I wouldn't have even known. However, now that I DO know, I have realized that our three-month anniversary will fall EXACTLY on Valentine's Day. *rolls eyes*

4. Robot, last night: "Your tonsils are so huge that when Ben Kenobi looked at them, he said, "That's no moon!""

I think that speaks for itself, really.
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