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8th-Dec-2007 12:21 am - the fruits of my labor.
I redesigned my layout, this time with a thing from Anastasia. It was a random choice of subject, but whatever. I can't figure out the right colors to use on the page -- I initially had a lot of black and dark greys, but it was too depressing so I went with this dust rose color or whatever, which isn't depressing but is just boring.

Anastasia came out when I was in 5th grade, and everyone in my class was obsessed with it. We all saw it in theatres and got it on video (YES, VIDEOTAPE, THEY HAD THOSE BACK THEN), and we all thought the characters and concept were stupid (and historically inaccurate!) but we liked it anyway. Anastasia/Dimitri is like one of my all-time OTPs. So, yes, represent, etc.
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14th-Feb-2006 11:55 am - japan -- land of cracktastic things
Thank you to [ profile] slippyslope and [ profile] __hibiscus for the Valentine's gifts for my userinfo. So cute!

Hmm. Do any of you read any manga at all? I spent all of last night reading Fake which is, errrr, now my favorite manga. You see, in it there's a dark-haired guy and a light-haired guy, and the dark-haired guy likes the light-haired guy, but the light-haired guy thinks the dark-haired guy is just joking around and thinks he's straight anyway, and angst and boykissing follows. Why am I telling you this? I found a scan of one of my favorite pages so far (fyi, you read it right to left. otherwise it won't make sense).

But yes. I like manga, though most of what I read is more Lone Wolf & Cub and the like. I tried Gravitation (more with the boys liking the other boys) but it was boring. I didn't expect to like Fake but it was on sale for just a couple of dollars so I picked it up. Luckily it has only 7 volumes, unlike Lone Wolf etc which has like TEN MILLION or so (okay, I looked it up and it's 28. but still, that's a lot).

Also, since we're on the subject of things that come from Japan -- watch this video. omg. I'm so addicted to that song that it's sad.
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