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11th-Feb-2006 02:19 am - obligatory olympics post
The Olympics are dead sexy. I'm very excited about them. Again. Even more so this year than previously, probably because I actually remembered to watch the whole opening ceremony (which was scary as all hell what with those floating ball things that had faces and Yoko Ono and all).

What was up with the music during the parade of nations? The best moment during that, I think, was when Serbia & Montenegro came marching out to "YMCA." That cracked me up.

For some reason, all the commercials on NBC for the Olympics music from POTC in them. This makes me go, "Eh? Pirates?" every time one comes on, and mostly just leaves me confused. Olympics =/= pirates! Do those of you in other countries have weirdass music for your Olympic commercials? It would be funny if it was pirates across the board.

Also, I can't tell Chad and Bode apart. Wah!
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