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15th-Jan-2006 12:34 am - the one with the nun in it
So I used to think that there could never be too much fandom for one day.

Then I tried reading my friends list after coming back from vacation. I quickly found out how very wrong I was. It started out at skip-120, and I'm now at skip-20, so that means I've read 100 posts. I now have over 60 fics on my "to read" list, although, luckily, most of them are fairly short. I also have just about no will to live (and definitely no will to even think about fandom until tomorrow).

Some amusing fandomish things happened while on vacation. I will relate them to you here:

- I watched all of Firefly. My verdict: WHY DID NO ONE MAKE ME WATCH THIS SHOW BEFORE?!!?!?!!1?!1!one! So, you know, silly and cheesy Joss Whedon goodness. If you haven't seen it, watch it. Et cetera.

- I checked lj twice from my cellphone. One of these times, I was sitting on the couch engrossed in reading a porny fic when the NUN* walked in and began talking to me. So then I had a conversation with a nun while reading a porny fic. This whole occurrence (with the nun and the porn and whatnot) was rather amusing, and also representative of the kind of weird shit that happens to me.

- I read some truly awful fiction. I think I'm going to keep well away from "chick lit" in the future. After that scarring experience, I am pulling out some hard scifi that I was saving for a ... well, really, it was in the closet because I couldn't stomach it, but now I find that it's the perfect antidote to really bad chick lit.

*Yes, there was a nun. It was an odd vacation. I didn't expect there to be a nun in it. But there was. And she wasn't at all like the nuns in The Sound of Music, which was rather disappointing. I thought there would be more singing and running around in fields. Sadly, it was mostly sin and hellfire and eternal damnation, which gets old quickly. There was also a bit of helping the poor, but it was mostly helping the poor to avoid hellfire and eternal damnation, so I'm not sure how much that counted.
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