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11th-Dec-2008 05:08 am - random thoughts: clone edition!
Dr. Chase from House and Dr. Brenner from E.R. are like the same dude. I think Chase is kind of hotter, but this may just be because Dr. Morris is my E.R. crush and so everyone else on that show kind of fades in comparison. But anyway, I'm afraid Chase and Brenner are giving me unrealistic expectations when it comes to the likelihood of encountering hot blond Australian doctors in American hospitals. Because according to the teevee? They're just EVERYWHERE.

Also like the same dude? David Strathairn and Tom Amandes. Seriously, I can't tell them apart. I'm like, "oh, it's that hot old guy from Everwood and The Spiderwick Chronicles" whenever I see one of them, and then I remember they're actually two different people. They should just merge into one being, obviously.

Also also, Blair from Gossip Girl and, um, the girl on Friday Night Lights who looks like her. SAME PERSON. They eeeeeven have the same sort of romantic entanglements.
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