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21st-Apr-2009 05:00 pm
Well, my photoshop apparently works now. YAY. It is so silly though because I finally was preparing to reinstall, but then I was loading some caps onto my computer and clicked on one and it opened in photoshop and instead of freezing/shutting down the computer, it ACTUALLY WORKED. So that was confusing, but also a relief. Now I have not made anything in photoshop in so long that I am somewhat clueless as to what to do. I made a Chuck icon because it was easy, but I'm afraid anything more difficult is eluding me at the moment. SIGH.

Also, do any of you guys happen to use one of those things online where you can upload your photos and have them printed in a little book and sent to you? I'm trying to do that for my grandparents but I don't know which service would be best and would appreciate hearing about your experiences.
jehnt: (chuck - intersect boy)
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