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28th-May-2007 03:09 pm - things of note
1. Thanks to the Dean/Lorne fic, my word processor now tries to auto-insert "Winchester" whenever I write anything beginning with wi-. Fandom for the winchester!

2. Hilariously, while looking at my site stats I found that people were being referred to my site through searching for "dimensions for an average bathroom" and similar things. Thanks, google, for putting my "how I build sims houses" page in the top ten search results for this. I could never have done it without you.

3. While looking at my site stats, I had an amazing revelation. People other than me actually look at the very limited pages on my website. Who knew!? Certainly not I. Anyway, this has made me put a higher priority on revamping my site so that my pages include actual content.

4. Obligatory Fanlib opinion: Fanlib can suck it. [ profile] fanarchive ftw!
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29th-Mar-2007 03:38 am - why are crossovers so awesome?
So, uh, I want to do a BSG/SGA crossover, wherein spoilers for season 3 of both series )

So, yes, if I ever figure out some sort of actual plot other than "John Sheppard kills cylons with his MIND*," this will be happening. Feel free to throw out suggestions.

Also, I think it would be hilarious for Starbuck and Teyla to, after an initial rocky start, bond over having their homes destroyed and people displaced. The would be so baffled by each other initially. It would be awesome.

*okay, with the chair, but he operates the chair with his mind, so. And it's not really that this is crappy plot, but you must admit that it's lacking in the details.
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19th-Feb-2007 01:17 pm - laptop = mobile, but sadly empty
So ... sometimes I really hate how I keep almost all of my fannish stuff on my desktop rather than my laptop. Most of my classes today were unexpectedly canceled, and if I could do whatever I want, I'd update [ profile] iconzero with more icons. But I can't. Second choice would be to continue on with the epic tale of the TRUE LOVE HOT SEX of Evan Lorne and Dean Winchester*, but that too is trapped on the immobile unit. I could, I guess, email it to myself sometime, but that would make entirely too much sense.

*Blame [ profile] exitsign.
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9th-Sep-2006 03:55 pm - the basis of every future sga/sw crossover
So, you know what I realized?

Just, damn.
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