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9th-Sep-2006 05:24 pm - hp sketch + previews, pg
Ah, look at me being fandomly productive.

r.weasley and crookshanks )

preview of the Snape picture )

preview of the Bellatrix picture )
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9th-Sep-2006 03:55 pm - the basis of every future sga/sw crossover
So, you know what I realized?

Just, damn.
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24th-Jun-2006 04:59 am - i have a graphics tablet, so there is a bsg sketch
So, I got a graphics tablet. It is spiffy like no other, even if I'm not too talented at the screen-hand coordination thing yet.

To prove that I am not completely inept, I bring you a sketch:
my battlestar galactica otp? )
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31st-Mar-2006 11:51 pm - MORE art? Ron/Draco, G. PAPER CUTOUTS. It's really cute, I swear.
Title: We Heart Ron/Draco!
Medium: construction paper + photoshop
Rating: G
Artist's Notes: This thing was plagued with trouble from the start. Ron's hair was a bitch to cut out, then I glued Draco's hair on BACKWARDS. Then my internet died. But then it all turned out okay. I think it's cute.

Preview image:

Click to see! You know you want to! )

Crossposted to [ profile] ron_draco because it's for a contest there, so I'm sorry if you get this twice.

You know, I came into fandom with the intent of writing things. Instead, I find that fanart is sucking me in. Except not in an NC17 way, as that sentence implied.
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29th-Mar-2006 01:38 am - art . it's kingsley, 'cause he's cool like a fool and would win in a duel. or something.
I come bearing art. It is, sadly, not my own. Actually, that's probably a good thing.

At any rate, I saw the Kingsley Shacklebolt that [ profile] pennswoods drew (here) and just HAD to color it. So I did. She added it to the original entry, but suggested that I post it here too, so I have. YEAH.

Title: Klinglebolt Shackalack
(dude, I just caught up on SBP [I was like a year behind] and am totally in love with the map, pretty much)
Characters: Kingsley Shacklebolt
Medium: pencil + color added in photoshop
Rating: G, but a really badass G. Or something.
Artist's Notes: [ profile] pennswoods deserves all the credit. I just played around with it, really.

bigger behind the cut )

So, in other news, I was eating applesauce tonight and was trying to put cinnamon in but accidentally grabbed the cayenne instead. Just, I mean, FUCK. For the love of god, people. Cayenne!applesauce is a bad idea.
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16th-Mar-2006 10:24 am - art, what. the scary hair post!
Today's song: Dunproofin' - Casbah Wonder (mashup of Stevie Wonder's "Uptight" and The Clash's "Rock the Casbah." I actually prefer the mashup to the originals, lol.)

So, umm, I have sketches! (All worksafe, in case you were wondering.)

First of all, we have the reason I don't often draw the trio:

They all have terrifying hair )

Next, just some random sketches.

Lupins + Harry + scarydude )

Also, [ profile] potterportraits is like crack, omg. *stares at community, frantically hitting "refresh" in the hopes that someone else has posted in the three seconds since she last refreshed the page*

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8th-Jan-2006 11:41 pm - ramblings + art
I'm going to be out of town for the rest of the week rather unexpectedly (umm, I had ONE day's notice), which is kind of unfortunate because I have actually been working on real content for this journal (essay! icons! art!), which will now have to be delayed. So, new lj-friends, fear not, I will be back to commenting on your journals and such by this time next week.

Until then, I leave you with the one fanart I have available until I fix my scanner. Look, shiny header:

Character: Narcissa Malfoy
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: G

bigger behind the cut )

I've got some things in store for when I get back, including an essay in response to Minerva McTabby's poll here and the discussion that ensued (I would post it now, when it's more relevant, because it needs serious editing. I wrote it loooooong after I should have gone to bed and there are somewhat random tangential discussions about magical creatures and so on); pretty icons; scanned-in sketches; and possibly the fic about darklord!Lavender and her army of inferi bunny rabbits. Or, you know, possibly not that last one, because it's pretty embarrassing that I even thought of it (much less that I actually wrote it). It's totally canon-based though, I assure you. *cough*exceptNOT*cough*
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