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2nd-May-2009 06:09 pm - dreamwidth journal
Okay I'm Jehnt at Dreamwidth... I'm going through and adding those of you I can find, so add me if I haven't gotten to you first.

Thanks to [ profile] siriaeve for the invite code!
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8th-Aug-2007 03:17 am - the "where else can you find me?" informations
So, I'm just going to post this once and then link it from my userinfo, since it seems to be the thing to do currently.

Alternate Journals:



I'm also Jehnt at journalfen.

Right now I don't have any content mirrored there but that will be coming soon, hopefully also with a mirror of [ profile] iconzero. I'm just kind of lazy.

Alternate Means of Contact:

e-mail: catie.jehnt at gmail

AIM: catiejehnt

Alternate Place where Fannish Content Will Hopefully Someday Be Archived, Like When I Stop Being Lazy and Start Coding It Up:


Right now there's basically nothing there. Don't even bother going because it's ugly as shit right now since the last time I did anything to that front page was two or three years ago never. When I DO start putting stuff up, however, I'll let you know. Right now I can't figure out the best way to do things (like how I should be organizing the lj icons and wallpapers that will go on the site). Code with HTML? Wait for CSS? Do like [ profile] siriaeve's website and just use Wordpress + organizational tags? IDK.
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