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28th-Apr-2009 03:40 am - resuming fannish posting. SEE LOOK AT THIS.
Shows I watch because I like the music in the opening credits:

30 Rock

... probably more.

I watched Heroes for the first time in quite a while last night and I just sighed dreamily at the little WWOOOEEEOOOOEEOOO sound at the title screen. I love it sooooo much. And whenever I watch House I rewind to play the credits over.

Also outside there is this group of drunk men trying to train their dog. It is 3:45 in the morning. Who trains a dog outside at 3:45 am? DRUNK COLLEGE DUDES, THAT'S WHO. It's so annoying.

OH ALSO Chuck tonight rocked. SO HARD. But Bryce! MAN. He's my fave. So pretty. AND CHUCK. AND CASEY AND SARAH AND ELLIE AND DEVON AND MORGAN AND JEFFSTER. Ohhhhh man. I hope a) there IS a next season, and b) we still see the Buy More antics.
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9th-Oct-2008 05:38 am - tv-watching spree.
I went on a tv-watching binge today since I hadn't watched any for almost a week and would have been driven crazy if I didn't stop studying for a while to have nerdy fun...

How I Met Your Mother 4x03 - I Heart NJ )

Heroes 3x04 - I Am Become Death )

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x02 - Automatic for the People )

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x03 - The Mousetrap )

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x04 - Allison from Palmdale )

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles 2x05 - Goodbye to That )

Also I don't understand Skynet's plans. They're like, "oh, we need to kill John Connor... so we'll travel back in time and kill his mother! Oh, he's still not dead? I guess we'd better send more things back in time to kill him. OH DAMN, HE'S STILL HERE, let's send someone back to kill this guy that saved him one time. SHIT, THAT DIDN'T WORK EITHER." It's like... the time-traveling? Is not really working out so well for them. Maybe they should just try to win the war in the future. Seems like a better plan. Otherwise, soon they'll be sending terminators back in time to destroy John's favorite ice cream company in the hope that they can starve him to death, or something.
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30th-Sep-2008 01:21 am - heroes 3x03 - the madness continues.
Gossip Girl - whatever episode was on tonight:


Unfortunately I still hate every other character and can't understand a single thing Dan says. Oh well.

Heroes 3x03 - One of Us, One of Them )
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24th-Sep-2008 03:46 pm - heroes returns! now with extra lameness!
Heroes 3x01 The Second Coming & 3x02 The Butterfly Effect )

Also, I am SO ENTERTAINED that now certain SPN fics come with warnings like "can be read as slash or as a religious experience." hee!
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30th-May-2008 12:57 am - she's a showoff.
I've been making icons a lot recently. I suck at text, so for the past week I've been perusing icon journals to see what exactly good text on icons looks like. And you know what? Everyone had better text in 2006. EVERYONE. Weird. Anyway, I've been practicing with text and I've come out with some decent things. I'm showing them off here because it will doubtlessly be ages before I collect enough in these fandoms to feel justified updating [ profile] iconzero (Really I ought to just start making multifandom icon posts... but I like single-fandom ones because it's easier for me to find things!). Concrit is welcomed, especially if you have text suggestions.

These Ocean's 11 icons are the most recent I've made and look exactly like I'd wanted them to. They're so pretty I can barely believe I made them. I want to make a million more for the rest of the movie, all in pretty blues with skinny text. Then there's this [ profile] sg1_lims entry for the "I'm too sexy" challenge. It's another where I look at it and go, "I made that!? ME? Really?" Also, I spent about half an hour drawing and re-drawing squiggly lines.

Just a few more... )

Also I changed my layout to use the Mohinder banner. Usually my layout is 700 px wide but this banner was 800 px... which is just frighteningly wide. There are words all over the place! I get dizzy just looking at it.
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15th-May-2008 04:42 am - man i hate people sometimes.
Oh god, as a result of my obsessive hetshipping in shows where I'm only sort of in a fandom, I am exposed to a lot of really laughable shit when I go look for fic having to do with what I like.

Cases in point:

Torchwood - Gwen/Jack. Does ANYTHING good exist for this ship? If so, I've never seen it. (And guys, shut up. I know you ALL ship Jack/Ianto... but I just don't feel it! I don't! Ianto is adorable, as is Jack, but I GET NO SHIPPY VIBES. Of course, I am also just now starting Season 2, so maybe that will change. BUT AS IT STANDS, Gwen/Jack ftw. Or Jack/Tosh. JESUS CHRIST WITH THE HETSHIPPING ALREADY, I KNOW.)

Heroes - Peter/Claire. Because it brings the cut so I don't spoil fungus_files ) shippers to the yard, it doesn't suck as much as it COULD, but there is still a lot of teenage angsty stuff. I swear, like half the stuff I've seen has Peter and/or Claire cutting themselves because they are LIEK SO TOTALLY DEPRESSED OMG and then, you know, healing. And I'm like WHAT THE FRAK MAN WHERE DO YOU EVEN GET YOUR IDEAS?!?

Bones - Booth/Brennan. Bones, being an episodic non-scifi show, gets a lot of pretty lame fans. Lame fans who can make decent graphics, but NOTHING ELSE. I've read two B/B fics that I enjoyed, and one of those I mainly enjoyed only because it generally had correct spelling and punctuation and a notable lack of babies. (My other Bones ships are Angela/Hodgins and Angela/Brennan. Also Sweets/Jehnt, though this is of course not a REAL ship, since I'm not on the show.)
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3rd-Mar-2008 03:32 am - heroes, season two: worse at writing compelling characters than stargate atlantis, believe it or not
So I watched the second season of Heroes a few days ago... and WOW is it way slashier than the first. Like, with the first season I was all, "eh, I'm not really seeing all these pairings people are going on and on about" but with the second season I was all, "OH GOD MATT AND MOHINDER FOREVER!!!!" etc. Speaking of Mohinder, I am still totally in love with him, even though he's being a dummy. He means well. And is obviously also the prettiest person on the show (other than Kristen Bell, of course).

I liked the way many of the character arcs hearken back to "Five Years Gone." Peter's style of dressing, Claire with a boyfriend, Nikki being a bit more stable, Hiro becoming more disillusioned, Mohinder's loyalties being even more confused, etc. FYG was one of my favorite episodes from the first season (because of Peter's sexy scar, probably, idk why I found it so hot but I did), so I was glad to see the second season moving the characters in that direction. I like the idea that even if the events in the future aren't so horrible, the characters will turn out similarly. It's nicely poetic. I don't think the writers are going to actually run with that, though. I don't have that kind of faith in them.

And OH GOD, DL's death in "Four Months Ago." That scene just gutted me. The way the blood splattered on Nikki and she just froze was heartbreaking. I liked how abrupt and senseless it was -- very Joss Whedon (when he chooses to actually kill characters off for good, anyway), I thought. It definitely called to mind Wash's death in Serenity.

Also, can I just say that the music choices of Heroes are sometimes entirely too hip? They had this problem in the first season as well, but it was more noticeable to me in the second (although I'm sure I'll pick up on it whenever I rewatch the first, hah). I mean, I like the songs, but that's kind of the problem... whenever they're playing music that the characters are supposed to be listening to it sounds less like reality and more like some indie-rock-loving hipster kid's version of reality. It sounds like, somewhere deep down, all Heroes really wants is to be a Wes Anderson (or, god forbid, Zach Braff) film. So now I have this strange mental image of the show Wes-Andersonified, with bright colors and the character's quirks played up and Owen Wilson mysteriously present all the damn time.
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20th-Nov-2007 09:29 pm - heroes.
Okay so I started watching Heroes. I've seen the first season. It's a special show. I don't understand, though, the fandom obsession with Peter and Nathan. It's clear that Mohinder is like 10,000 times hotter than either of them. Although I did have a weird dream the other night where I made out with Peter a lot. But since that doesn't fit with my "Peter and Nathan =/= the hot" theory, we're ignoring it. Yes, brain, IGNORING IT, not OBSESSING OVER IT. Sheesh.

Anyway, I totally ship Claire/Peter. That's like the best ship ever, I think, other than Mohinder/Ando (btw, the internet does not really seem to have heard of Mohinder/Ando, which is distressing, since they're clearly a. superhot and b. meant for each other). I made like ten trillion Peter/Claire icons yesterday. I like them a lot.

Another interesting thing is that Peter Petrelli/Claire Bennet acronymizes to PPCB, which is, incidentally, extraordinarily close to a cryptic-but-probably-crude acronym that keeps being scrawled on our dorm room door: PPBc. (IF YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS, PLEASE TELL ME BECAUSE I AM CURIOUS.) Next time I see it, I think I'll erase it and just write "PETER PETRELLI, BITCHES" as if that's some sort of coherent reply.

I suppose I do actually think Peter is hot. Future!Peter with the scar, especially. I've lost my battle against liking the stupid floppy hair and lopsided mouth. Oh well.
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