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1st-Sep-2008 12:02 am - oh, random things, you know, i'm trying not to spam your flist with eighty posts a day
1. So one of the many fannish things I've been kind of working on recently is VIDDING. Learning to vid. Whatever. There is one specific vid I'm trying to work on right now because I have a pretty decent idea and know which clips I'd use and roughly where and so on... but it is the ONE THING I cannot find a song for. I was listening to Talking Heads' "Memories Can't Wait" and the sound of it is perfect but the lyrics are all wrong! I could always just switch back to the Dirty Harry vid idea, but I kind of like the idea of my first vid being something people other than me might watch.


3. I had a three. I think maybe I lost it. (ETA: Upon contemplation, #3 probably had to do with Narnia fic. You're better off without reading it, I imagine.)

4. While writing this post/browsing font sites, I listened to two Talking Heads albums in search of a song like "Memories Can't Wait" but more appropriate lyrics. And DAMN. I am not really all that into Little Creatures at all, and in my itunes the poor album is sandwiched between Fear of Music and More Songs About Buildings and Food which are my faves. The poor thing really gets no love there.

5. Last night I made fanart for some of [ profile] musesfool's SPN girl!Sam AU fics. You can find it here at [ profile] iconzero or see it at her journal!
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8th-Jun-2008 09:32 pm - somewhat late.
Um so. I realized today that I am about two years behind in updating [ profile] iconzero. I'd better get on that shit. And once I clear these icons out, I'm switching to multifandom posts and just going once two weeks or month or whatever.

Also I want to do an entire post of BSG icons with Wolf Parade lyrics on them. Because Wolf Parade + BSG = OTP!

Also also, I watched Dirty Harry a few nights ago and decided to make icons, only I couldn't find any screencaps, so then I had to watch it AGAIN so I could cap it (which really means I watched it like three more times, lol). And THEN I made icons. Also, Clint Eastwood looks like a weird cross between Hugh Jackman, David Bowie, James Dean, and James Franco (who basically looks just like James Dean). I never noticed this before and it is freaking me out.
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29th-Aug-2006 02:37 am - music recommendations
In apology for my last post (flocked, in case you can't see it) being on the boring side, I bring you music. This is my (somewhat belated) post for that "7 songs you're currently into" meme:

[right-click + save-as]

JJ Cale - Don't Go To Strangers - If you download just one song from this post, make this be it. I'm so in love with this song. I ended up with JJ Cale's album Naturally somewhat by accident (a friend didn't quite understand what kind of music I liked and gave me this along with a lot of folk sort of stuff) but I am so glad I did. I can't say I like any of his other songs even half as much as this one, but this is one of my top favorites of all time, so that's okay. It's like saying a lightbulb isn't even half as bright as the sun. Sure, it isn't bright, but it still lights the room up. (Other highlights from Naturally include "Call the Doctor," "Woman I Have," and "After Midnight" [written by JJ Cale, first recorded by Eric Clapton].)

Lovin' Spoonful - Summer in the City - Don't laugh. If you've ever been in a big city in the hot summer, you will probably realize that this song is perfect. If you haven't, just listen a long and join in on the chorus. It's still fun, even if you don't have the experience of burning the bottom of your feet on the sidewalk. (The only other Lovin' Spoonful song you need to know is "Do You Believe in Magic." Don't even pretend otherwise.)

The Four Tops - Reach Out I'll Be There - You know how people put a lot of thought into their wedding song and it's invariably something really sappy that 99% of the population ALSO used as their wedding song, even though everyone sort of hates it? Well, I am here to tell you: "Reach Out I'll Be There" is going to be my wedding song. It manages to be Deep and Meaningful while remaining fun and dancey, thus preventing everyone from dying of boredom. I don't have any other Four Tops songs, so I can't recommend anything. Tragic!

The Kills - Ticket Man - Okay, so I was just recently given The Kills No Wow, and, well, wow. It's pretty awesome. This song is slower than most on the album and so it took a bit longer for me to get into it, but I just love it to death. You should definitely purchase this album, as it rocks hard. The lead singer sounds a bit like PJ Harvey but otherwise they sort of remind me of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. (Other highlights from No Wow include "Love is a Deserter" and ... the whole album, basically.)

Ladytron - Paco! - So, I'm told Witching Hour is the best Ladytron album, but I've always had a soft spot for 604, which this song is from. I'm going to sort of assume everyone has heard "Playgirl" and "Seventeen" (and if you haven't, go get them, seriously). "Paco!" has a deliciously funky groove and I like to jam to it. You will too. (Other highlights from 604 include "Playgirl" and "Mu-Tron.")

The New Pornographers - These Are the Fables - Another favorite. I didn't used to really like The New Pornographers, but then I bought Electric Version at Borders because it was buy 2 cds get a third free and I already had two albums (The Faint's Blank Wave Arcade and ... something else), and now I love them. This is from Twin Cinema, their most recent album. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful song on the album. It took a while for me to really like it, but now I can't stop listening to it. (Other highlights from Twin Cinema include "Stacked Crooked" and "Sing Me Spanish Techno." If you like any NP music, though, and don't have A.C. Newman's The Slow Wonder, you should definitely get it, as it is the height of awesome.)

And obviously, if you like these folks, go give them money.
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