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27th-Sep-2008 11:44 pm - bones 4x04 - the perfect pieces in the purple pond
Brennan: "But I don't want to be a sexy scientist!" *pouts*
Booth: "That's like me saying I don't want to be a sexy FBI agent. We can't change who we are!"

asdlkjsdf;l I LOVE BONES SO MUCH.
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27th-May-2008 12:34 am - another exciting post brought to you by the sick and twisted mind of jehnt.
1. I have an icon of Sweets. Sweeeeeeeets! He is my current main character crush. I am SO IN LOVE. I believe Sweets/Jehnt OTP is true facts.

2. You know what I love about SGA fandom? There is fic for like, everything. I mean, you think there's fic for everything in HP. You THINK that. And then you read an SGA/House crossover in which Rodney is like, a (Very Pricey) Mistress of Pain for House*, and you realize that Dobby/Hagrid/Giant Squid has just nothing on SGA fic.

3. Related to #2 -- I want to read an AU SGA fic wherein Rodney has been de-aged or maybe is just younger (you know, all super-pretty and gaunt like in Pin, or w/e that weird incest robot/statue movie was) and is a rentboy, and John comes along and, idk, rents him, or tries to rescue him, or both, or something, and there is slow relationship-building (Rodney is mentally scarred! John feels guilty about liking him so much!) and then hot sex. I've not seen this fic, but I bet it's out there somewhere, just waiting for me to come and read it.

4. Related to #1 -- the Sweets icon was entered at bones_stillness and didn't win, which I rather expected (most people seem to hate Sweets), but inexplicably this icon placed second:

So that was awkward because I had thought that icon was SO TERRIBLE that I was embarrassed to even enter it. Like. It's not well-made. And it's not even funny. There's that huge weird gap before the last word and there's no background and the text is a weird color. I'd wanted to have it say "And then Dr. Zack Addy sang about forensic anthropology," because that would be both funnier and less potentially confusing, but it didn't fit. The whole icon is an example of "good concept, inept execution." I'm not used to having such epic fail with icons I make. So I felt weird that people voted for it because IMO like almost all the other icons were better.

5. I haven't cut my toenails in a long time. I've been holding out because usually I cut them too short and then my toes look weird and fat. But I'm unsure what the proper/most attractive length for toenails even IS. It's a problem.

*I did not make this up. It exists. It is, I believe, actually part of a series.
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15th-May-2008 04:42 am - man i hate people sometimes.
Oh god, as a result of my obsessive hetshipping in shows where I'm only sort of in a fandom, I am exposed to a lot of really laughable shit when I go look for fic having to do with what I like.

Cases in point:

Torchwood - Gwen/Jack. Does ANYTHING good exist for this ship? If so, I've never seen it. (And guys, shut up. I know you ALL ship Jack/Ianto... but I just don't feel it! I don't! Ianto is adorable, as is Jack, but I GET NO SHIPPY VIBES. Of course, I am also just now starting Season 2, so maybe that will change. BUT AS IT STANDS, Gwen/Jack ftw. Or Jack/Tosh. JESUS CHRIST WITH THE HETSHIPPING ALREADY, I KNOW.)

Heroes - Peter/Claire. Because it brings the cut so I don't spoil fungus_files ) shippers to the yard, it doesn't suck as much as it COULD, but there is still a lot of teenage angsty stuff. I swear, like half the stuff I've seen has Peter and/or Claire cutting themselves because they are LIEK SO TOTALLY DEPRESSED OMG and then, you know, healing. And I'm like WHAT THE FRAK MAN WHERE DO YOU EVEN GET YOUR IDEAS?!?

Bones - Booth/Brennan. Bones, being an episodic non-scifi show, gets a lot of pretty lame fans. Lame fans who can make decent graphics, but NOTHING ELSE. I've read two B/B fics that I enjoyed, and one of those I mainly enjoyed only because it generally had correct spelling and punctuation and a notable lack of babies. (My other Bones ships are Angela/Hodgins and Angela/Brennan. Also Sweets/Jehnt, though this is of course not a REAL ship, since I'm not on the show.)
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30th-Mar-2008 12:24 am - 20+ AWESOME WALLPAPERS!
So I have all these wallpapers that I've made over the past few years and that I was always too lazy to make previews for and post. So the other day I posted them all on my insanejournal, and because I have been too broke to renew my webserving atm I used imageshack to host them. Yes, imageshack, which has AUTOMATIC THUMBNAIL PREVIEWS, which I did not realize until today. So that's pretty sweet. Also pretty sweet? THESE WALLPAPERS. You should check them out. Because they are AWESOME.

(Note: most of these have vast swaths of empty space that can be chopped off/allowed to go off the edge for 4:3 monitors.)


fandoms include bsg, bones, buffy, firefly, harry potter, st: ds9, star wars, supernatural, and attractive actors )

And yet while I put forth the effort to post these here, I am too lazy to actually post them in my icon journal and promote them. Oh well. I'll do that later. It's a multi-stage rollout, I guess.
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