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25th-Apr-2009 11:49 am - photoshop yay
So I finally manage to do something not completely boring in photoshop, and it is this:

I dunno. Thoughts? Needs less? Needs more (like maybe something on the left at the join of those pictures there)? Huh, idk.
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21st-Apr-2009 05:00 pm
Well, my photoshop apparently works now. YAY. It is so silly though because I finally was preparing to reinstall, but then I was loading some caps onto my computer and clicked on one and it opened in photoshop and instead of freezing/shutting down the computer, it ACTUALLY WORKED. So that was confusing, but also a relief. Now I have not made anything in photoshop in so long that I am somewhat clueless as to what to do. I made a Chuck icon because it was easy, but I'm afraid anything more difficult is eluding me at the moment. SIGH.

Also, do any of you guys happen to use one of those things online where you can upload your photos and have them printed in a little book and sent to you? I'm trying to do that for my grandparents but I don't know which service would be best and would appreciate hearing about your experiences.
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23rd-Jan-2009 09:30 am
I made icons! Not many, and not fantastic ones, but it's the first time in FOREVER that I've been able to sit down and muck about in photoshop. Of course, since I haven't done anything with it in so long, I'm sitting there going "HOW DO I MAKE IT CHANGE SIZES? I WANT A SMALL PICTURE, NOT A BIG ONE" etc. sigh. Anyway! Merlin icons! Obama+team icons! Hopefully soon I will get around to doing the icon things I'm SUPPOSED to be doing!

and my throat still hurts which suuuuucks esp. when eating food.

p.s. I think boyfriend is jealous of Obama. Or else a secret Republican. He always goes "hmph!" and looks annoyed when I talk about how awesome Obama is.

p.p.s. for the past week I have been sleeping ~20 hours a day. WHAT.
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15th-Jan-2009 09:56 am - bsg bsg bsg. and icon meme. but mostly omg bsg tomorrow!
That icon meme everyone has done. )

The exciting news of the day is that I am slightly less sick than I was before. I still have to take ibuprofen on a regular basis to keep the swelling of my tonsils down to a manageable size, but I can eat real food again, which is a relief.

BSG TOMORROW OMG. Am planning an all-day extravaganza. Dunno how that will work out with being sick but I'm going to try anyway.
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18th-Nov-2008 06:47 pm - icon meme i've been saving for a rainy day (it's not literally raining though fyi)
* reply to this post with the word MEME whatever you like (as long as you clearly tell me you want to participate in the meme) and I will pick six of your icons.
* make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
* other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
* this will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

On to the icons I was asked about... )
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21st-Oct-2008 11:23 pm - reminder: i need to repaint my toenails.
Now since I'm dreadfully, terribly behind and late with icon battle icons (SORRY GUYS!), I have worked hours today on them. But now I must stop for I have another test tomorrow! And god hopefully that is IT for tests this week. But here is the non-ib icon I made today as a warm-up (is it dumb that I make warm-up icons? probably). It is Dean! With SONG LYRICS. That are SIDEWAYS because I suck at text! The words were originally the right way up but they looked really stupid and I tried approximately TEN THOUSAND variations until I found one I didn't totally hate. Now that I've done other stuff since I've made it though I think I'm pleased with the overall result. I tried to be trendy with it but totally failed at the trend I was going for and went for a different one instead. In conclusion, Dean Winchester is one attractive motherfucker, I suck at text, and I still remember how to use photoshop.

Now with alternates! )
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15th-Sep-2008 10:59 am - the paragraphs in this post are ordered by importance. obviously the one about the icon counts most.
Because I'm slow at these things, I'm just now finally moving into my apartment. I'm not yet one with the internet there though so my internet presence will be minimal for the next few days or (god forbid) week. I also have an exam tomorrow which came out of fucking NOWHERE and was like BAM! and anyway, that's not going to be fun.

And and and some REALLY AWESOME person has volunteered to help me with a Narnia fandom newsletter, so look for that soon at [ profile] the_narnian! (Uh, also in Narnia news, I made the layout art over at [ profile] narniarecs. Yay!)

I also finally made a Sarah Connor icon I was satisfied with. It took like ten minutes which is embarrassing because I have like three million aborted efforts lying around in a folder somewhere, most of which I spent at least half an hour on.
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26th-Aug-2008 01:35 pm - a smattering of fannish things

2. My [ profile] icon_battle post and alternates. I would really appreciate comments. Normally I don't ask anyone to comment on anything (though of course I'm thrilled when you do!) but I'm going to be a needy fucker about this one thing.


I am HERE, and I'd really love comments/concrit.
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24th-Aug-2008 11:13 pm - icon battle!
My battle with [ profile] misstress_tink has been posted at [ profile] icon_battle!

[ profile] misstress_tink vs [ profile] jehnt

Go check it out. We'd love comments and feedback. Shows/movies iconned include Alias, Buffy, Dirty Harry, Doctor Who, Lost, Moonlight, St. Trinian's, Stargate SG-1, and Supernatural.

(Note: Despite the name, icon battles don't have winners. WEIRD, I think, but whatever! It was fun.)

(Extra note: [ profile] shadowserenity and [ profile] freneticfloetry, I'm ready now!)
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19th-Aug-2008 06:37 am - wtf
lol whut )

Anyway, I'm doing a battle over at [ profile] icon_battle now, which was why I was flipping through ye olde icon files to see how the fuck people use text on their icons (I'm still totally hopeless at it, lol).

I've also attempted to make my tags easier for me to understand by renaming some of them... but the remainder are just a nasty mess. I need to like totally reread my entire journal to figure out what tags I need and what I can toss. Like, do I REALLY need a tag for "making Draco cry"? I think the answer is PROBABLY NOT.
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16th-Aug-2008 12:47 am - a rant that really belongs at iconrants instead of here.
So I'm ranting about this in my own journal instead of [ profile] iconrants because I know some of the people who have problems with this are there, and though usually the rule at the community is to ignore rants you disagree with, I'm not in the mood for offending them or dealing with disagreement.

But god, I HATE it when people post picspams of screencaps, even ones they've color-edited themselves, and then get all betrayed and hurt and cagey and upset when other people make icons out of their caps. And it happens, I swear, EVERY time anyone posts a screencap picspam. If you don't want people to make icons out of caps you've made/colored/posted, DON'T FUCKING POST THE CAPS. Or else GET OVER IT. It's not like you even came up with those pictures yourself, or anything. If you don't want people using them, it's not that hard to not post them or to flock them.

Or it's like when people get all bent out of shape because someone else made an icon in the same style that they did. GET OVER IT. It always reminds me of that quote "good writers borrow; great writers steal." "Liberating" ideas from their initial captors is a part of art. It's going to happen. Besides that, mimicry is how people LEARN, for fuck's sake, so get over the fact that someone else used a similar style on an icon that they made.

ALSO, icontests have taught me that ten different people can totally look at the same picture and come up with THE EXACT SAME crop and coloring. It doesn't mean that the first one was copied by the last nine. It just means that, for whatever reason, they all thought the same thing would look good.

ugh. As Bella Swan said to Edward Cullen after they made hot sweet love for the first time and then he sulked because he HATES HIMSELF (and also had feathers in his teeth), "stop killing my buzz." (This is an actual quote from an actual scene in the actual book Breaking Dawn, which is a gripping and horrifyingly badly written tale of ~true love~ that you should read at your first and every opportunity.)
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15th-Aug-2008 02:37 pm - icons and supernatural.
lol I updated [ profile] iconzero with fantasy film icons (Narnia, lotr, Penelope) and somehow left the Harry Potter icons out.


I can't believe I forgot those especially since I was seriously trying to clear out backlog and posted some icons I made in 2005. It's kind of hilarious. One of them is TOTALLY GREEN.

Also, I started watching the first season of Supernatural (the only episode I'd seen from this season until last night was the pilot) and right after I started watching a thunderstorm started. I'm easily freaked out by scary movies/tv shows, and at night with the thunderstorm was like THE WORST. My mom couldn't sleep so she watched some episodes with me and she was SO ENTERTAINED by Dean. Seriously, any time he started talking, she would just LAUGH LIKE CRAZY. It was pretty funny.

Also I watched the episode with Amy Acker, which confirmed once again that I'm omfg so in love with her. She looks so pointy! My dream tv show would involve Amy Acker and Katee Sackhoff looking fierce, being geekysmart, and beating the crap out of people, with random hot male guest stars wandering around shirtless. It would be good times. Now the episode I'm watching has whoever it is who played Laura Cadman on SGA as an airline attendant. Cadman! So awesome!
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16th-Jul-2008 06:17 pm - miscellaneous stuff.
I miss being at Portus. It was fun. Now I feel like I don't have anything to do. Because, well, I don't. I'm still working on my con post but it's taking a while because it's all coming out in a confused mess of incoherence.

Also, thinking it over, was I the youngest person in our group of people? I think I was. I didn't feel like the youngest, but that's probably because everyone else was so immature just because I'm used to being the oldest.

Also also, people voted for my icon this week at [ profile] lantis_lims? That was a pleasant surprise, since it was another "thrown together in ten minutes" entry. I still feel like the balance is off, but I've tried all sorts of things and it hasn't improved. It's that damn picture of Ronon leaning forward. I'll have to chop off his head and paste it on differently before it'll work, and right now I just don't have the patience for that.
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14th-Jul-2008 05:27 pm - likely to go after anything that appears to be intelligent life.
I just got this message on myspace:

"So I was looking up a friend in Texas and I ran across the picture of a really good looking star wars geek. I'm so confused. I hope your boyfriend appreciates how awesome you are."

ahahahhaha wtf myspace.

Also, I hereby resolve that if I make it through this week at [ profile] lantis_lims, I will make all my icons at least two days in advance of the deadline and will try at least three different variations. Because I think my entries for the past few weeks have had no spirit at all, which I guess reflects my greater mood but still sucks, especially because I had a bit of a good run before that. And since my voting reasons tend to be abstract shit like "This icon has not the spark of life!" etc, it makes me feel especially bad for submitting dead ones.

But anyway. I revamped my userinfo to reflect some of my newer interests, like my sudden desire to see Claudia Black/Lena Headey. Not like RPS, mind you. I want this shit ON MY TELEVISION. Hottest thing ever, Y/Y? Picspam to go with this, for those who need some visuals. )
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6th-Jul-2008 01:08 am - fun icon meme + thievery.
Icon thieves with bad taste. They hotlinked and claimed as their own some of the ugliest icons I've posted on lj. Classy.

1. Reply to THIS post, and I will select four or five of your userpics that I like.
2. Make a entry and talk about the icons I have chosen.
3. Other people will then comment on your entry and you will do the same as I have done for you.
4. Thus creating a NEVER ENDING CYCLE of icon merriment.

my contribution to this icon merriment )

I've been feeling totally drained of energy for the past few weeks. Can't even do anything in photoshop without falling asleep. Blah.
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12th-Jun-2008 04:41 pm - a numbered list!
1. I have a sudden and unseemly infatuation with the smudge tool. It is my new BFF.

2. It is really hot here. 100F (38C?) in the shade. And the air conditioning in my room doesn't work properly, and my unscientific guess of the temperature has it at about 10,000 degrees 85-90. Possibly 88 (31C?) judging by the fact that I don't actually mind how hot it is unless I'm trying to sleep.

3. I like ice cream. (This is probably related to #2 above.)

4. The other night I had this weird dream that involved Dean and Sam from Supernatural. I was having this review done by my university (except it took place at my high school?) and Dean and Sam were my reviewers, and there was this awkward thing where they were relating this story of how Dean hit on the Devil (who looked like a lady at the time) and no one was supposed to be able to do that unless, you know, they had a chance at IT, you know, and Dean was like, "well no one told ME that!" And then this stuffy old woman came in and tried to take over the review because they weren't authorized, and Dean was all "I've got my authorization right here" and whipped out his gun (though for a moment in the dream I was like, "oh dear god, this is going to turn into a bad porno, isn't it?"). And then suddenly hundreds of people started crowding into the room, and Dean and Sam were like, oh god, we've got to get them out, then there was this shimmery glowy ghosty thing that started to appear, so while Dean and Sam watched it and readied their hunting supplies, I helped everyone get out of the room, which, when empty, was cavernously large and very dark except for the shimmery ghost thing. So then I backed toward the door and was all, "well, then, I'll leave you guys to it!" except I COULD NOT LEAVE for some reason. So then I had to help the Winchesters get rid of this shimmery ghost thing (which, as it turned out, was very angry and homicidal). And then we retired to the patio for tea. Dean put obscene amounts of sugar and honey in his. It was sickening.

5. [ profile] lantis_lims voting, where are yooooouuuuuu?
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10th-Jun-2008 06:58 am - icons, icons, and more icons. and icontests. those too.
Have now updated [ profile] iconzero with Buffy icons/banners/wallpapers, Battlestar Galactica icons/banners, and Stargate Atlantis/SG-1 icons/banners. Each post has 70+ icons. And I'm sick of posting and trying to strike the right balance between promoting my icons and being obnoxious. Arrgh.

Still to go: miscellaneous TV shows (Alias, Arrested Development, Bones, Heroes, SPN, Torchwood, Veronica Mars), Fantasy Movies (HP, LotR, Narnia), Cartoons/Comics (Disney, Flight series, X-Men), Action/Crime Movies (Dirty Harry, Infernal Affairs, Ocean's 11), and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Roughly in that order, because I still have Action/Crime and DS9 icons I need to finish. Which means I'll probably not post those until 2010, sigh.

Also, I really like this Elizabeth icon I made, though I'll probably change my mind about it in like ten minutes. But it has orange! And green! And greyscale! Also, I suck at coming up with words to put on icons. I wanted something other than her name, but it couldn't be longer than like three words, so.

And I thought I'd give you guys the heads-up about some new weekly icontests so you can go join them and make icons: [ profile] lantis_icontest for Stargate Atlantis (run but the lovely [ profile] jenniferjensen) and [ profile] deepspacestills (which you should join because OMG DS9!). All the icontests I am a member of are listed on my journal sidebar in case you're interested in ones for other fandoms.
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8th-Jun-2008 09:32 pm - somewhat late.
Um so. I realized today that I am about two years behind in updating [ profile] iconzero. I'd better get on that shit. And once I clear these icons out, I'm switching to multifandom posts and just going once two weeks or month or whatever.

Also I want to do an entire post of BSG icons with Wolf Parade lyrics on them. Because Wolf Parade + BSG = OTP!

Also also, I watched Dirty Harry a few nights ago and decided to make icons, only I couldn't find any screencaps, so then I had to watch it AGAIN so I could cap it (which really means I watched it like three more times, lol). And THEN I made icons. Also, Clint Eastwood looks like a weird cross between Hugh Jackman, David Bowie, James Dean, and James Franco (who basically looks just like James Dean). I never noticed this before and it is freaking me out.
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6th-Jun-2008 05:02 pm - miscellany
Because the world is AWESOME, I am not the only person who lists "Captain Jack/Captain Jack" as an interest. Thank you, world, for being at least awesome enough to recognize this PotC/Torchwood crossover NEEDS to happen (for this, we can forgive you for not being awesome enough to recognize the necessity of DIE HARD/Bourne Identity crossovers).

Also, this week I got mod's choice at both [ profile] sg1_lims and [ profile] lantis_lims. Normally I don't comment on things like this but there were MANY awesome icons they had to pick from and I know all the mods are people of excellent taste, so I was pleased.

These were my icons:

I think the J on the second one looks kind of silly. I wasn't ever able to find the right font.
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30th-May-2008 12:57 am - she's a showoff.
I've been making icons a lot recently. I suck at text, so for the past week I've been perusing icon journals to see what exactly good text on icons looks like. And you know what? Everyone had better text in 2006. EVERYONE. Weird. Anyway, I've been practicing with text and I've come out with some decent things. I'm showing them off here because it will doubtlessly be ages before I collect enough in these fandoms to feel justified updating [ profile] iconzero (Really I ought to just start making multifandom icon posts... but I like single-fandom ones because it's easier for me to find things!). Concrit is welcomed, especially if you have text suggestions.

These Ocean's 11 icons are the most recent I've made and look exactly like I'd wanted them to. They're so pretty I can barely believe I made them. I want to make a million more for the rest of the movie, all in pretty blues with skinny text. Then there's this [ profile] sg1_lims entry for the "I'm too sexy" challenge. It's another where I look at it and go, "I made that!? ME? Really?" Also, I spent about half an hour drawing and re-drawing squiggly lines.

Just a few more... )

Also I changed my layout to use the Mohinder banner. Usually my layout is 700 px wide but this banner was 800 px... which is just frighteningly wide. There are words all over the place! I get dizzy just looking at it.
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