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22nd-Jan-2006 10:58 pm - wherein I relate to you the status of some stuff I'm writing + a random drabblish thing
A post! A post! My kingdom for a -- nevermind, I don't know where I was going with that.

So, aaaaaaaaanyway, on to the less incoherent stuff.

status of my fics, among them the inferi bunnies one )

questions about betas )

Also, the other day it struck me that someone could write a deliciously bad fic to Marjorie Fair's "Empty Room" (mp3 here [right-click save-as to download]). It would, naturally, involve a very angsty Harry who was in a relationship with someone -- it doesn't matter who, really, but we'll go with Draco -- and he has to Go Fight Voldemort Imminently and he's all angsty and it's VERY DRAMATIC (and the lyrics are interspersed throughout the fic at inappropriate times, interrupting the narrative flow and causing the reader to pull their hair out) and he just thinks the relationship is SO POINTLESS because he's GOING TO DIE, and so he starts sabotaging it and making Draco cry (mainly he does that because Jehnt likes it when Draco cries, which we probably shouldn't think about too much) and then Harry sits in his EMPTY ROOM all alone and watches the sun stream in through the windows and thinks it is very beautiful. And then Harry dies. Or, if that's TOO angsty an ending, then it ends kind of like this: )

The funny thing about all this is that I don't even LIKE that song.

ETA: I just realized that is the first fic (drabble, whatevs. do we really distinguish between them?) I've ever posted publicly. *facepalm* OH MY GOD. Yet, despite this, I feel that I should celebrate. I'm going to go break out the ... soymilk. Yeah. That sounds good. (Dude, we have like no exciting food at my house currently. Not even any ice cream.)

ETA again: I just reread the thing I wrote again, and I'm really unsure about the paragraph breaks in the first half. Advice?
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