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8th-Apr-2008 06:57 am - fanvid rec month: must-see mix (many fandoms included)
I am declaring this month FANVID REC MONTH in my journal. Most recs will be grouped by fandom, but today I'm reccing outstanding vids that I think you should watch regardless of which fandom you're in. They should be enjoyable even with only minimal knowledge of the fandom because they all have artistic merits you don't need any show context to understand. Some are pure fun and some offer heftier commentary, but they're all excellently done.

I recommend that you download the big version, turn the volume up, and fullscreen it. And when it's over, watch it again so you can catch the things you missed the first time.

If you don't watch fanvids or don't think you'd like them, I encourage you to at least give the first two on the list a try. The reason I compiled this post is to show you how flat-out AWESOME fanvids can be, because I often feel that many people don't know this (although maybe they do and just don't talk about it?).

12(ish) fanvids that are infinitely awesome )
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