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6th-Jun-2008 05:02 pm - miscellany
Because the world is AWESOME, I am not the only person who lists "Captain Jack/Captain Jack" as an interest. Thank you, world, for being at least awesome enough to recognize this PotC/Torchwood crossover NEEDS to happen (for this, we can forgive you for not being awesome enough to recognize the necessity of DIE HARD/Bourne Identity crossovers).

Also, this week I got mod's choice at both [ profile] sg1_lims and [ profile] lantis_lims. Normally I don't comment on things like this but there were MANY awesome icons they had to pick from and I know all the mods are people of excellent taste, so I was pleased.

These were my icons:

I think the J on the second one looks kind of silly. I wasn't ever able to find the right font.
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3rd-Feb-2006 05:19 am - pirates, wha-?
For [ profile] slippyslope:


Full Pirate Cereal Report (because I was extraordinarily bored) )

Yeah, so, I am lame. But that's okay, because I'm having lots of fun.

Also, I got a paid account so now I have more icons. Yay!
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