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25th-Jan-2006 01:08 am - on the fate of harry
So, it always confuses me when people think that Harry will stay in the wizarding world after he defeats Voldemort and stuff. I mean, if I was told that I had these MAGIC POWERS that were so supercool and was taken to this big castle where I was found out that all my magic powers are good for is getting other people killed (see: Cedric, Sirius, Dumbledore) and then I was forced to FIGHT THE ULTIMATE (but ever-so lame. anagrams? puh-lease.) EVIL so that all of my friends etc didn't die, the moment the evil was defeated I'd be outta there like a shot.

I know everyone will be probably like, "oh, but he's a GRYFFINDOR, dontcha see?" but, really, that only goes so far. He did his duty and defeated the evil, but I think it would be more like a Hufflepuff or a Ravenclaw to stay on after the fact (Hufflepuffs are what, hardworking? They'd want to stick around and make sure everything was okay. Ravenclaws would probably have been thinking this shit through in advance, and have a plan for the afterwards. Most Slytherins would have skedaddled around the time they realized this magic shit is GONNA GET ME KILLED, yo).

But then, my vision of future!Harry involves him living in a run-down house and being really fucking stoned like, all the time (except when Hermione visits, because she would just lecture him, and he doesn't need that, and also not when he's drinking, which he only really does after Hermione visits). Because, you know, Harry has some real issues that need dealing with and won't get dealt with in canon, which will leave him with Major Baggage, but everyone will be all "wheee HERO omg!" and so he'll get majorly fucked-up. Yeah.

And, uh, now I've randomly written several pages of my fic for [ profile] musesfool's mp3 challenge, because my song very OBVIOUSLY calls for drunken&broken!Harry, and I wrote around 600 words of that into this entry before I decided I was going off into too much of a tangent and moved it to the word processor.
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