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26th-Feb-2007 05:21 am - on the het ships
This icon almost makes me want to ship Shep/Weir. ALMOST. Unfortunately for it, elizelenka, weirdex, and lizzorne are all far greater ships than this so-called "sparky."

PS - I don't know that anyone else actually uses elizelenka, weirdex, and lizzorne* as ship names, BUT EVERYONE TOTALLY SHOULD.
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13th-Jun-2006 02:27 am - to whom it may concern
Dear Fandom,

Please stop having ridiculously stupid names for the ships I like. It was cute when it was "Snarry." Less cute when it was "Snaco." Repulsive when it became "Drarry." Baffling when someone introduced "Snack." And I'm not even entering the realm of non-HP fandoms, where my ships have names like "LoVe" and "Weirdex." These names are not only irritating, but very confusing if you're just entering a certain corner of fandom. Most people think a snack is a delicious treat between meals, not hot hot Snape/Black lovin'!

Thanks a lot for your cooperation in this matter.

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