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30th-May-2008 03:32 am - harry potter and the spacebrooms of doom.
While I was reorganizing my tags, I realized that I make a LOT of private posts that I mean to make public but then forget about. So I'm going to repost those that I was entertained by so that you can, you know, have the benefit of my genius, etc.

This one is from 2006 May 24, just over two years ago.


So, I was trying to figure out why, though I love HP, I always feel slightly disappointed by it. Eventually I stumbled upon the reason, which I quickly realized should have been obvious.

Harry Potter does not have spaceships.

Yes, all our Potterian characters are sadly Earthbound. No hyperdrives, no warp engines, no faster-than-light travel. It's quite disappointing. Fortunately, my imagination was able to leap in and save the day.

Presenting Jehnt in Harry Potter Lord Voldemort and the SPACEBROOMS OF DOOOOOOM...

don't talk to me about brooms )
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30th-Mar-2008 12:24 am - 20+ AWESOME WALLPAPERS!
So I have all these wallpapers that I've made over the past few years and that I was always too lazy to make previews for and post. So the other day I posted them all on my insanejournal, and because I have been too broke to renew my webserving atm I used imageshack to host them. Yes, imageshack, which has AUTOMATIC THUMBNAIL PREVIEWS, which I did not realize until today. So that's pretty sweet. Also pretty sweet? THESE WALLPAPERS. You should check them out. Because they are AWESOME.

(Note: most of these have vast swaths of empty space that can be chopped off/allowed to go off the edge for 4:3 monitors.)


fandoms include bsg, bones, buffy, firefly, harry potter, st: ds9, star wars, supernatural, and attractive actors )

And yet while I put forth the effort to post these here, I am too lazy to actually post them in my icon journal and promote them. Oh well. I'll do that later. It's a multi-stage rollout, I guess.
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24th-Oct-2007 12:12 am - dumbledore likes television. and cock. mostly the latter.
My father called me earlier this evening to tell me he'd just heard on the radio that Dumbledore was gay. He was most disappointed that I'd already heard (from the flist, of course) but was enthused because, as he said, "can you just imagine how much the Christian Right will hate that series now!?" Hah.

Also, for my birthday (yes, months ago), I got a television. This television, except I bought it recertified through Newegg so it was only about $350. I was a bit trepidatious about purchasing an off-brand LCD tv and purchasing recertified was also contributing to the worry, but the reviews for the tv were all pretty good, so I went for it. I've had it for over two months now and it is AWESOME. I haven't seen anyone else in my dorm with a tv so large and sleek. It definitely measures up to the other LCD tvs its size at the store (I should know; I spent hours looking at them when I was trying to figure out which to buy) which cost $700 to $1000. I'm pleased. My tv shows look so kickass on the big, wide screen. I like it a lot.

I've added some new shows to the list of things I watch (semi)regularly -- Bionic Woman and A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. They're both pretty lame in totally different ways, but they try hard. And Bionic Woman occasionally has Katee Sackhoff. Really, next season they should just hire her full-time and change the title to Bionic Women.
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27th-Jul-2007 01:04 am - the lives of wizards
I don't want to comment on all of DH yet because I'm still getting my thoughts in order... but I have some things to say with regards to this interview, in which JKR "clearly lays out the characters fates." Or, well, my comments aren't actually about the interview at all but rather about what I imagined the characters had been getting up to in the fade-to-black nineteen years.

what surprises lay in store? )
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24th-Jul-2007 12:57 am - there is no good writing, only good rewriting.
The midnight party thing was fun. I ran into a bunch of people I knew, so we had wacky times while waiting in line. A bunch of people kept coming up to me to tell me they liked my costume. These people fell largely into two camps: those who thought I was McGonagall and those who thought I was Bellatrix. Hah. BELLATRIX LESTRANGE. As if! Really I was just going as a generic witch (cobbled together from old Halloween costumes that generally had nothing to do with witches), but whatever. People kept taking pictures of me and filming me. I felt kind of awkward about the whole thing, really. :-/

Due to an extraordinarily busy weekend that was followed by an extraordinarily busy Monday, I have yet to finish DH. I will post actual thoughts later but I do have something to say now. I believe it can best be expressed by the phrase "need more edit!" This, quite coincidentally, I'm sure, has been one of the first clear thoughts I've had upon reading every HP book since GoF. Oh, JKR.
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20th-Jul-2007 09:04 pm - more of the potter madness.
Guys, I'm really excited about DH. Like, I've read significant portions of the leak and thought it was kind of lame and often unintentionally hilarious but I haven't read it all (or in order) and am SO EXCITED (I hope that it will seem less lame and awkward when read in order... though judging from HBP, which is massive suck, I doubt it).

This is my first time going to one of these midnight book openings and it's my first time going to any HP event other than a movie opening. I didn't think I was going to be excited about it but then I went to the bookstore and got my wristband (am in the second group to get the book) and the schedule of events and I am so excited. A bunch of the store employees were dressed up -- I saw a pink-haired Tonks and an AMAZING Trewlawney, among others. I hadn't been planning to dress up but now I'm going to and I'm having to hurry to cobble together a costume. I can't decide what character I'm going to be. Oh god. INDECISION.
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20th-Jul-2007 06:29 pm - deathly hallows -- epic fail?
If you feel that some or all of DH was EPIC FAIL, this community is where you go to mock it, point out the parts you feel are failingest, post art, icons, parodyfic, whatever. (Warning: There are spoilers. The picture link takes you to the spoiler-free userinfo.)

[ profile] dh_epic_fail

I love the Harry Potter books but DH looks to be even more mockable than HBP.
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19th-Jul-2007 04:51 am
So, what I love about the carpetbook leak is all the people who reply to the people who are speculating that it's a hoax with "who the hell would write a 700+ page book just for the heck of it?"

Ahahaha, they are so sheltered. I am guessing that [ profile] spoil_me_dh must be their first foray into fandom.
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16th-Jul-2007 02:09 am - harry potter and the unending wait
Oh holy crap, guys. DH is less than a week away. I'm starting to get so nervous. I can't decide how I feel about spoilers. I read them, try to forget them, come up with reasons why they're fake, come up with reasons why they're real, read them again, go away from my computer so I CAN'T read them, go back because I feel like I must read them, and so on. Arrrrrrrgh. I think I've resolved not to look at any more of them. I said I wouldn't skip to the end of the book -- surely that entails avoiding spoilers.
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11th-Jul-2007 08:14 pm - suprisingly, young snape was a stone cold fox.
So... Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: The Movie. My thoughts?


2. Young Snape = I'd hit it.

3. Luna luna luna luna luna luna luna luna luna. LUNA.

4. Did Lupin have his arm around Sirius? I swear I wasn't imagining this. Confirm? Deny? ANSWERS, people, I need ANSWERS.

5. Also hot: Neville, Dean, Draco. And GARY OLDMAN, of course, but this isn't exactly news.


Also, I solemnly swear I am up to no good I will not -- I repeat, NOT -- flip through DH to see who dies and who ends up with who before reading it. I will read it in order. It will be hard and I will be a nervous wreck by the end, but I will do it.

*clings to fellow HP fans*
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1st-Apr-2007 06:57 pm - portus!
So... Portus 2008.

Since it's taking place about ten minutes from where I live... I'm thinking that it would be stupid of me not to go. I suppose it's too early, at this point, to go "SO ANYONE ELSE GOING PLZ TELL SO WE CAN MEET UP," but yeah. More later. Right now I'm just kind of excited that I won't have to fly halfway around the planet to go to an HP con.
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2nd-Mar-2007 12:42 am - middle-school pottermania
So when I was in middle school, my school would have Harry Potter days. Everyone dressed as a Harry Potter character. I was always Hermione, though if the fifth book had been released I would definitely have dressed as Luna. There were costume contests -- which my brother (dressed as Harry) and I usually won. The teachers who could themed their classes around magic or witchcraft or something Potterish. It was all great fun.

On the same subject, I was exposed to HP shortly after the first book was published because a friend of mine bought it when he was in England, brought it back to school with him, and demanded that our homeroom teacher read it out loud to us. Good times, good times.

I have no idea why I thought of this just now. Getting nostalgic for the old times while buried knee-deep in statistics assignments, perhaps?
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27th-Jan-2007 05:44 pm - in which ronald is slow. and also tall, but that isn't essential to the plot.
You know that meme that has been going around where you list out your personal canon for your OTP? Yes, I did it. Well, first I wrote a long summary of the story and then I condensed it to bullet-points. It's still less a list than a narrative though, damn. Not long at all now, though.

Ron/Draco, In Which Ronald Is Slow )
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7th-Oct-2006 03:06 am - breaking newsflash: jehnt is slow!
Say, I've been remiss in my fandom duties. Or, uh, my duty to inform my flist of nifty things which happened to me that have to do with fandom.

You see, I was quoted in a Red Hen essay about Magic and Wizards a while back. It's an excellent essay and you should definitely read it (and I'm not just saying this because I have a hugeass quote in the middle, either). This version of the essay came out in May, I think. So, yeah, I'm about six months behind in telling you this. But at least I got around to it eventually, right?
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9th-Sep-2006 05:24 pm - hp sketch + previews, pg
Ah, look at me being fandomly productive.

r.weasley and crookshanks )

preview of the Snape picture )

preview of the Bellatrix picture )
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18th-Jul-2006 09:13 pm - HP comic rec
So, this comic by rotten_fish at journalfen is one of my favorite HP comics. Little Voldemort talking on the phone to Bella, omg SO CUTE. XD
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17th-Jul-2006 02:12 pm - it's good to be back
So, a few nights ago I had a Draco/Goyle dream. It was quite disturbing. This is all [ profile] scoradh's fault, I assure you.

And now on to the urgent SGA questions:

1. If some of the senior crew were going on leave to Earth, do you think they'd use the Stargate or go on the Daedalus? The Stargate would be faster but would use the ZPM. The Daedalus would take for freaking ever, meaning they'd be gone probably three or four months at the least.

2. Say, why do radio transmissions go both ways through the gate? Like, we know matter travels in discrete units from the origin to the destination (and never from the destination to the origin) but why are radio waves different? I mean, we know that other waves (such as sound and, more importantly, light [which is also electromagnetic radiation, but with a higher frequency than that of radio waves]) don't travel through the gate in either direction so WHY THE HELL do radio waves get through? And then go both ways? I mean, I recognize that it's for PLOT PURPOSES, but a more scientific explanation would be nice. You don't have to be right, or anything, but any theories would be appreciated.
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31st-Mar-2006 11:51 pm - MORE art? Ron/Draco, G. PAPER CUTOUTS. It's really cute, I swear.
Title: We Heart Ron/Draco!
Medium: construction paper + photoshop
Rating: G
Artist's Notes: This thing was plagued with trouble from the start. Ron's hair was a bitch to cut out, then I glued Draco's hair on BACKWARDS. Then my internet died. But then it all turned out okay. I think it's cute.

Preview image:

Click to see! You know you want to! )

Crossposted to [ profile] ron_draco because it's for a contest there, so I'm sorry if you get this twice.

You know, I came into fandom with the intent of writing things. Instead, I find that fanart is sucking me in. Except not in an NC17 way, as that sentence implied.
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29th-Mar-2006 01:38 am - art . it's kingsley, 'cause he's cool like a fool and would win in a duel. or something.
I come bearing art. It is, sadly, not my own. Actually, that's probably a good thing.

At any rate, I saw the Kingsley Shacklebolt that [ profile] pennswoods drew (here) and just HAD to color it. So I did. She added it to the original entry, but suggested that I post it here too, so I have. YEAH.

Title: Klinglebolt Shackalack
(dude, I just caught up on SBP [I was like a year behind] and am totally in love with the map, pretty much)
Characters: Kingsley Shacklebolt
Medium: pencil + color added in photoshop
Rating: G, but a really badass G. Or something.
Artist's Notes: [ profile] pennswoods deserves all the credit. I just played around with it, really.

bigger behind the cut )

So, in other news, I was eating applesauce tonight and was trying to put cinnamon in but accidentally grabbed the cayenne instead. Just, I mean, FUCK. For the love of god, people. Cayenne!applesauce is a bad idea.
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16th-Mar-2006 10:24 am - art, what. the scary hair post!
Today's song: Dunproofin' - Casbah Wonder (mashup of Stevie Wonder's "Uptight" and The Clash's "Rock the Casbah." I actually prefer the mashup to the originals, lol.)

So, umm, I have sketches! (All worksafe, in case you were wondering.)

First of all, we have the reason I don't often draw the trio:

They all have terrifying hair )

Next, just some random sketches.

Lupins + Harry + scarydude )

Also, [ profile] potterportraits is like crack, omg. *stares at community, frantically hitting "refresh" in the hopes that someone else has posted in the three seconds since she last refreshed the page*

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