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19th-Jan-2009 04:58 am - i'm not rip van winkle, i swear
Ugh okay in the last 48 hours I have been awake like maybe 8 hours total. HOWEVER, I feel a lot better! My tonsils are no longer SUPERHUGE and my throat and ears hurt much less. But I accidentally slept through a planned date with Robot, whoops. Actually I'm not sure how accidental it was because he wanted to have a conversation about the state of our relationship or something (this is something he feels the need to do like every two weeks; it's really annoying) and I may have been unconsciously avoiding it.

And a LONG TIME AGO I did a meme where I named some fandoms and people said which characters from those fandoms they thought I was most like. I said I would post which I thought I was most like, but then only [ profile] kandigurl replied and I got all distracted by finals and didn't. BUT NOW I WILL. So:

1. Star Wars - Princess Leia. I HOPE SO, ANYWAY.
2. Star Trek (any series) - Kira? Or Ezri Dax. I'm not sure.
3. Battlestar Galactica - I DON'T KNOW. Probably Lee. He's kind of stuffy and bitchy but holds to his ideals, and he has his occasional moments of emo. And is totally in love with Kara. SO THAT SOUNDS LIKE ME.
4. Bones - Cam. Or Sweets. lollllll.
5. Gossip Girl (for the lols) - idk. I want to be Blair but I'm probably more Vanessa.
6. Arrested Development - Lindsay, without a doubt. Shallow and materialistic? Yessir, that's me.
7. Chuck - Ellie. She's such a good big sister! I hope I'm a good big sister.
8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Willow, probably. I most want to be like Anya, but I'm totally a Willow.
9. Angel! - Fred, of course!
10. Superheroes (any and all) - oh dear, I don't know. I wanted to see what other people thought. I own a pretty spiffy Wonder Woman tote bag though. I carry my groceries in it.
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15th-Jan-2009 09:56 am - bsg bsg bsg. and icon meme. but mostly omg bsg tomorrow!
That icon meme everyone has done. )

The exciting news of the day is that I am slightly less sick than I was before. I still have to take ibuprofen on a regular basis to keep the swelling of my tonsils down to a manageable size, but I can eat real food again, which is a relief.

BSG TOMORROW OMG. Am planning an all-day extravaganza. Dunno how that will work out with being sick but I'm going to try anyway.
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9th-Jan-2009 05:37 pm - ugh.
So I have mono. Oh joy. I also have epically swollen tonsils (I can barely speak out loud!) that are covered in the most distinct and horrific white patches ever. My physician was SHOCKED by them. His eyes nearly bugged right out of his head and he made a sort of "gack!" noise that is not the sort of thing you want to hear from your doctor.

Anyway, being sick is stupid and inconvenient.

Also, I am so late at replying to comments. I open the window to do it and start typing and then just go to sleep. Apparently mono does that to you. Stupid!
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4th-Dec-2008 09:11 pm - not a good time to post because lj is acting weird, but whatevs
Umm, so, I love when you're so tired that your brain is not working correctly and starts making up random sentences and just inserting them right in there with your other thoughts. This evening I got some real gems:

But in their version of the story, it was a walrus, and also ate panthers.
(Accompanied by a mental image of what would appear to be a Japanese man and a badass Native American.)


I was adopted when they found out humans could turn invisible.
(Accompanied by a mental image of a clean, bright, empty hospital room -- the kind you never find in a real hospital -- and a squalling baby suddenly being thrust at an unwilling couple. It is not known whether there were any invisible people included in this thought. If they were there, I couldn't see them.)

They both sound like snippets of AMAZING things, but sadly there is not more of them. I think the first thought is about how the Japanese and Native Americans inexplicably have some of the same myths (fictionally in my mind! not irl, afaik!) but the Native American ones are more badass (see: panther-eating walrus). The second story is obviously about a couple who adopted a baby that could TURN INVISIBLE, and all of the various mishaps that would ensue throughout the kid's entire life (probably based on that one Pixar movie I hated about the superhero family, except with less superheroing and more awkwardness and hilarity).

Also, in order to see my entries I had to change my journal style and now it's all wrong. I hate userpics on the right, jesus. So inefficient to have to scan right to see who it is and then back left to start reading.
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2nd-Dec-2008 03:35 am - omfg so much work.
I have planned my week out and I have so much work I just want to die. Due to some procrastination and sickness over break, I've got to write a paper a day. NICE.

I'll be back on Saturday. If you see me commenting before then, bitchslap me please.

In more OCD news, I have laid out my outfits and pajamas for the week under little pieces of paper for each day, which also chronicle each day's activities. Tomorrow while I'm breaking from work I will plan out both meals and sleeping/showering times. DEATH BY SCHEDULING, YES.

eta: I'll possibly still post in my journal because if I don't write down at least some of my thoughts, they jam up in my head and then have a party.

son of eta: Also, even though I KNOW I can't function properly without both my medications, it's still kind of a blow to take the provigil and be like, "oh, hey, I'm being productive, what is this madness?" Ugh. I need to learn that it's necessary and not just optional. That, to me, is the hardest part of being on medication: accepting that in order to be better, you will have to be dependent on something outside of yourself. uggggh why does life suck so hard sometimes.

moar eta: I'm out of staples omg how will I hold papers together!?!?!?!?

too much eta: Found staples. They are hot pink. TRIUMPH.
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2nd-Dec-2008 01:36 am - stop: meme time.
I don't want to be like GRAWR MY STUPID FRIENDS but JESUS CHRIST, who on earth calls at 1 am on a Monday night the last week of classes wanting to borrow BSG season 3 on DVD? Other, of course, than my friends? And then, despite me saying I'll lend them the dvds but they can't stay long (this isn't a problem because they live thirty seconds away) because I'm writing a paper, saunter in and start looking through all my stuff? I LOVE MY FRIENDS BUT SERIOUSLY.

And since my study time has already been interrupted (and what's a little more interruption), a meme!

List the first ten series that come to mind. Your friends will comment with the character from each series that they think you are most like. Remember this is who I'm most like, not favorites! And oh jesus, you so do not have to try to come up with characters from each. Don't work that hard, it's a meme. Just one or two is okay (though if you think of more, feel free!)

1. Star Wars
2. Star Trek (any series)
3. Battlestar Galactica
4. Bones
5. Gossip Girl (for the lols)
6. Arrested Development
7. Chuck
8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
9. Angel!
10. Superheroes (any and all)

I'm declaring open season on all characters, regardless of gender. Also, as a fun twist, I'll later post who I think I'm most like. Because it's really not fun if we can't compare answers.
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1st-Dec-2008 05:06 pm - hot hilarity.
1. I finally moved my bed into my apartment. No more sleeping on the couch, yay!

2. Last night I had a dream where Barack Obama was working as a barista at Starbucks for some reason (like while he was campaigning? idk, it was dream logic) and I ordered some drink that wasn't on the menu and he was all, "Oh, well, let me see if we can figure out how to make that for you," and went and puttered around with chocolate for a minute, then came back with this huge grin and was like, "Can we make that drink for you? YES WE CAN!" Basically, the whole dream was a series of hilarious random encounters with Obama. Things such as: Jehnt helps Obama operate a vending machine! Jehnt stops an unleashed dog from running out the door at the Petsmart only to find out it is BARACK OBAMA'S DOG. etc.

3. While I was sick this weekend I watched the UK Queer as Folk. It was, how shall I say this, AidanGillentastic. IF THAT IS AN ADJECTIVE, AND I SAY IT IS. I've been meaning to watch it for ages and ages because I am omfgSOINLOVE with Aidan Gillen, and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I also mean to watch the US QaF but, like, I know I don't find Gale Harold as hot as Aidan Gillen, and I'm afraid this may impede my enjoyment. Also, Stuart Alan Jones = the gay Logan Echolls, amirite?
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11th-Nov-2008 06:03 am - request for your favorite recipes
This week is going to be the first week I attempt to cook for myself. Previously I had been subsisting on microwave meals, desserts, and my creative sandwich attempts. I'm intimidated by this because my more complex (i.e., non-sandwich) cooking attempts tend to go disastrously awry.

I have some recipe books I got because [ profile] slippyslope talked about them a long time ago: Going Solo in the Kitchen by Jane Doerfer, and Small-Batch Baking by Debby Maugans Nakos (this one is all TINY DESSERTS!), but they have a large selection of foods and every time I open them I am getting OVERWHELMED BY THE CHOICES.

more cookbook blather )

ANYWAY. The point of this post is this: Do you have any favorite or simple recipes that create tasty food? PLEASE SHARE. I eat everything except seafood (which includes seaweed, because it came from the sea).
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9th-Nov-2008 07:11 pm
just woke up. am still tired from party yesterday. now have to get ready and go to a friend's 21st birthday. goddddd monday is gonna suck.

ugh also i got this friend a card but moved it while cleaning and now cannot find it. saaaaad.

p.s. [ profile] arasan, [ profile] kandigurl, and [ profile] unbeguiled, i hope you had fun last night!

p.p.s. PSA: [ profile] unbeguiled will break your furniture while flailing. Don't let him sit near anything you actually like.
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6th-Nov-2008 01:48 am - today has been a mostly pointless day.
ugh have so much work the only tv I have watched in the past like week or so is Supernatural and Election 2008. I am dyyyyyying to know what happened on Gossip Girl and, uh, those other shows I watch but can't remember right now.

Last night I had a dream that I was Nate Archibald's secret BFF and somehow ended up hiding behind a chair while he was having sex with some trashy ho in it, and then I snuck out while they were basking in the afterglow, except then he ran after me, told me his name was Kyle Adams, and that we were destined to be together forever. And then I touched the small of his (shirtless) back, and then we built dollhouses while on a cruise ship, and put tiny live American Girl dolls in them (Addy talked a lot about being emancipated and liking Obama, while Samantha kept getting in trouble in dollhouse school because she wasn't being challenged enough), and then painted a Christmas tree gold. There was also something like facebook except holographic (CNN HOLOGRAMS!) and, like, swirly stuff that looked like a galaxy or the inside of a marble. I clearly remember it was like facebook because I friended Nate/Kyle on it and was horrified to learn he wanted to be an artist (professionally! as his job!) because it would mean I'd have to get a job good enough to support both of us (and also because he'd already applied to law school, so I thought he was going to be a lawyer). lol dreams.

I actually had a lot more dreams last night (I slept FOURTEEN HOURS) but I don't recall the others well enough to post them. sad!

eta: oh, also, on the subject of other tv shows I have not been watching lately, it turns out ER is in its FIFTEENTH season, not fourteenth, like I have erroneously been stating on episode reaction posts all season long. WHOOPS.
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23rd-Oct-2008 01:43 am - i am surrounded by geniuses.
at lunch the other day...

Bob: "So what do you call it when you write fanfiction but it's not for any particular fandom? Like, it's fanfiction but it's for a fandom you made up?"
Me: "Um, regular fiction?"


The best part of this is that as I was DYING OF LAUGHTER moments later, my brother walked up and was all, "what's this all about, then?" and so I had to tell him and he gave us this "WTF, YOU CRAZY" look while Bob epically facepalmed. Then the brotherman shook his head and walked into the sunset away to the cafeteria lines with the food and whatnot.
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15th-Sep-2008 04:47 pm - lack of internet log.
So, while I have no internet, I'm keeping a log of things I would update with but can't. Until I get to the library. Which is where I am now. Which is obvious since I'm updating. ANYWAY.

090815: 1:40pm


I mean, how am I supposed to write lameAWESOME fanfiction about Sam and Dean saving people and hunting things if I can't even look at the Supernatural wiki? HOW!?

p.s. I have started a lot of SPN fanfiction lately. Since only one so far is a crossover, this means it is a sure sign of my growing love of and dissatisfaction with the show. It's like SGA! But even filthier! Most of my SGA fanfiction is about crazy stuff happening and John Sheppard being lame but THINKING he's being cool and Ronon and Teyla being AWESOME and high school AUs and crossovers and some Rodney/Ronon and Rodney/John. But SPN! It's all Sam and Dean, carefully not fucking each other because they're brothers! Or Sam and Dean carefully not fucking the Impala-turned-human because SHE'S THEIR CAR! I mean, basically it's like brain rot. First I got into Narnia fandom, which was all "sparkles, yay! and oh ya we have some srs bsns religious themes and misogynistic undertones that need to be dealt with through serious meta and fic" and now it's SPN which is like "sparkly incest, yay! and we'll deal with the misogynistic tones of the show by writing fic in which sam and/or dean TURN INTO GIRLS!" sigh.

080915: 2:30pm


080915: 4:20pm



(It's funny how most of these revolve around me not having internet. lolz.)
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15th-Sep-2008 10:59 am - the paragraphs in this post are ordered by importance. obviously the one about the icon counts most.
Because I'm slow at these things, I'm just now finally moving into my apartment. I'm not yet one with the internet there though so my internet presence will be minimal for the next few days or (god forbid) week. I also have an exam tomorrow which came out of fucking NOWHERE and was like BAM! and anyway, that's not going to be fun.

And and and some REALLY AWESOME person has volunteered to help me with a Narnia fandom newsletter, so look for that soon at [ profile] the_narnian! (Uh, also in Narnia news, I made the layout art over at [ profile] narniarecs. Yay!)

I also finally made a Sarah Connor icon I was satisfied with. It took like ten minutes which is embarrassing because I have like three million aborted efforts lying around in a folder somewhere, most of which I spent at least half an hour on.
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29th-Aug-2008 12:36 pm - miscellany
1. It's my birthday today. Rejoice!

2. I am moving into the new apartment on Monday. I'm excited about it, even if I keep having weird dreams where somehow we manage to bring the wrong bed and I'm stuck sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress and then get eaten by dogs.

3. MOONLIGHT. I am like three minutes in and I have this to say: Mick St. John: I'd hit it. ALSO, why did all the buzz around this show concentrate on Mick St. John and VampireLogan and not at all on SHANNYN SOSSAMON who is apparently in it? I mean, I haven't gotten to any parts of the episode that have her yet, but I totally started watching because I looked it up on IMDB and saw her name.
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24th-Oct-2007 12:12 am - dumbledore likes television. and cock. mostly the latter.
My father called me earlier this evening to tell me he'd just heard on the radio that Dumbledore was gay. He was most disappointed that I'd already heard (from the flist, of course) but was enthused because, as he said, "can you just imagine how much the Christian Right will hate that series now!?" Hah.

Also, for my birthday (yes, months ago), I got a television. This television, except I bought it recertified through Newegg so it was only about $350. I was a bit trepidatious about purchasing an off-brand LCD tv and purchasing recertified was also contributing to the worry, but the reviews for the tv were all pretty good, so I went for it. I've had it for over two months now and it is AWESOME. I haven't seen anyone else in my dorm with a tv so large and sleek. It definitely measures up to the other LCD tvs its size at the store (I should know; I spent hours looking at them when I was trying to figure out which to buy) which cost $700 to $1000. I'm pleased. My tv shows look so kickass on the big, wide screen. I like it a lot.

I've added some new shows to the list of things I watch (semi)regularly -- Bionic Woman and A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. They're both pretty lame in totally different ways, but they try hard. And Bionic Woman occasionally has Katee Sackhoff. Really, next season they should just hire her full-time and change the title to Bionic Women.
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9th-Sep-2007 01:15 am - Quick Update:
1. School started. Is going well. Classes are easy but I've been kept busy decorating my dorm room + visiting with everyone. It's starting to calm down now that we've been to Ikea a dozen times to buy shit and have started drowning in work.

2. My 21st birthday was August 29. I can legally buy and consume alcoholic beverages now. This would be a lot more exciting if I actually wanted to do this.

3. I revamped my lj layout. I figured I should have another HP theme while it's still hot, so, yeah. It's very blue. I am hoping it will entice me into checking/commenting on/updating LJ instead of reading ahead for my political science class, which is what I do whenever I have free time.

4. In the past couple of weeks, I have seen Superbad, 3:10 to Yuma, and Shoot 'Em Up. They were all excellent and come highly recommended. Also, Russel Crowe's character in 3:10 to Yuma is who I want to be when I grow up. He is so outlandishly hardcore.
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13th-May-2007 06:28 pm - eeeeeek.
Finals are over at last.

*huge sigh of relief*

Now I just have to figure out how one goes about finding a job. I've never had to do this before and it all seems rather baffling. It's outside the scope of my parents' experience as well, apparently, given that whenever I ask for help applying they're like "???" And then they give me money, which kind of negates the need for a job. I love my parents, but they're kind of useless in terms of teaching me how to do normal-people tasks.

Oooh, and also, I totally randomly caught an episode of Farscape on tv... I'd never seen it before and the pictures and summaries always seemed kind of lame, so I never tried to watch it, but I really liked the episode I saw. I looked it up on amazon and it's ridiculously expensive. Why is this? My budget will not be able to handle this until I get a job. I don't approve.
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2nd-Mar-2007 12:42 am - middle-school pottermania
So when I was in middle school, my school would have Harry Potter days. Everyone dressed as a Harry Potter character. I was always Hermione, though if the fifth book had been released I would definitely have dressed as Luna. There were costume contests -- which my brother (dressed as Harry) and I usually won. The teachers who could themed their classes around magic or witchcraft or something Potterish. It was all great fun.

On the same subject, I was exposed to HP shortly after the first book was published because a friend of mine bought it when he was in England, brought it back to school with him, and demanded that our homeroom teacher read it out loud to us. Good times, good times.

I have no idea why I thought of this just now. Getting nostalgic for the old times while buried knee-deep in statistics assignments, perhaps?
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19th-Feb-2007 01:17 pm - laptop = mobile, but sadly empty
So ... sometimes I really hate how I keep almost all of my fannish stuff on my desktop rather than my laptop. Most of my classes today were unexpectedly canceled, and if I could do whatever I want, I'd update [ profile] iconzero with more icons. But I can't. Second choice would be to continue on with the epic tale of the TRUE LOVE HOT SEX of Evan Lorne and Dean Winchester*, but that too is trapped on the immobile unit. I could, I guess, email it to myself sometime, but that would make entirely too much sense.

*Blame [ profile] exitsign.
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15th-Jan-2006 12:34 am - the one with the nun in it
So I used to think that there could never be too much fandom for one day.

Then I tried reading my friends list after coming back from vacation. I quickly found out how very wrong I was. It started out at skip-120, and I'm now at skip-20, so that means I've read 100 posts. I now have over 60 fics on my "to read" list, although, luckily, most of them are fairly short. I also have just about no will to live (and definitely no will to even think about fandom until tomorrow).

Some amusing fandomish things happened while on vacation. I will relate them to you here:

- I watched all of Firefly. My verdict: WHY DID NO ONE MAKE ME WATCH THIS SHOW BEFORE?!!?!?!!1?!1!one! So, you know, silly and cheesy Joss Whedon goodness. If you haven't seen it, watch it. Et cetera.

- I checked lj twice from my cellphone. One of these times, I was sitting on the couch engrossed in reading a porny fic when the NUN* walked in and began talking to me. So then I had a conversation with a nun while reading a porny fic. This whole occurrence (with the nun and the porn and whatnot) was rather amusing, and also representative of the kind of weird shit that happens to me.

- I read some truly awful fiction. I think I'm going to keep well away from "chick lit" in the future. After that scarring experience, I am pulling out some hard scifi that I was saving for a ... well, really, it was in the closet because I couldn't stomach it, but now I find that it's the perfect antidote to really bad chick lit.

*Yes, there was a nun. It was an odd vacation. I didn't expect there to be a nun in it. But there was. And she wasn't at all like the nuns in The Sound of Music, which was rather disappointing. I thought there would be more singing and running around in fields. Sadly, it was mostly sin and hellfire and eternal damnation, which gets old quickly. There was also a bit of helping the poor, but it was mostly helping the poor to avoid hellfire and eternal damnation, so I'm not sure how much that counted.
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