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24th-Apr-2009 07:34 am - randomness
I tried looking up on facebook this guy I used to know whose name is Sam Dick. Thanks to facebook's smarmy "we KNOW which name you mean" feature, all the results I get are for people named Richard Samuel and Samuel Richards. THANKS, FACEBOOK. (I do, on the other hand, appreciate this feature when I search my friends for my brother by his nickname.)

Today I was pondering the fannish funk I've been in lately. I guess it coincides with a real life funk, which is annoying because it leaves me, idk, not having anything I want to do. And I want to be funky, not IN A FUNK. BUT ANYWAY, the point of this was that I have ONCE AGAIN lost that lotrips story with Orlando and Elijah as superheroes who AREN'T AWARE OF EACH OTHERS' HEROING and then they have sex on a car while wearing masks, and it had this EPIC SOUNDTRACK set to really, really, reeeeaaaaally angsty music that went along with it, including something like, possibly, "Electric Blue" by the Cranberries (if that is even a song) because Elijah has very blue eyes and his superpower was electricity. Which he used to sex up Orlando on a car. Look, it all makes sense in the fic, okay. Or perhaps not, because it wasn't exactly the best-written thing I've ever read. BUT THE POINT IS. I lost it again, and I feel bad going back to lotrips_finders like, "Hey, I've asked you guys this before, BUT..." And the stupid thing? I CANNOT GOOGLE SEARCH THE COMM FOR MY USERNAME FOR SOME REASON, which would obviously be the most expedient way to find it again.

So my resolution is MOAR FANNISH CONTENT. Like maybe write that essay on why Merlin/Arthur is OBVIOUSLY the new Harry/Draco.

And my other resolution is to watch less tv, because I think I have so many shows all my fannish energy is drained just keeping up.
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