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11th-May-2009 03:24 am - i love star trek so much, and you should too
God, just, I have a million other things I want to post about, but all I can think about is how HAPPY I am that everyone on my flist is loving Star Trek. It and Star Wars were my first fandoms (I discovered them in the same day, so I don't think either one can really come first) and they will always be my favorites, and so it fills me with joy to think that the fandom is getting this new infusion of enthusiasm. It might not last but that doesn't mean I won't enjoy it while I can!

And the best, best, BEST part about this is that it's renewing my enthusiasm for Star Trek. I feel like I could power through every series on DVD in just days. This is, of course, a mad delusion, because there are 29 seasons of Star Trek total, and at my fastest pace I can only watch about two seasons in a week, and my fastest pace has never applied to Star Trek, where my best is like half a season in a week.

I want to challenge myself to watch (rewatch, in most cases) every episode of Star Trek ever in the next year, but I feel this would be suicidally stupid because I also have things like work, family, a social life, school, eating, sleeping, etc to attend to.

(lol but this hasn't stopped me from borrowing TOS from a friend... and buying many of the DS9 novels that I haven't yet read. lollll.)
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